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Indoor environmental quality (IEQ) measurement

  • Testo 435-4 multifunction indoor air quality meter 
    • Piezoresistive differential pressure sensor
    • Hot wire anemometer (Ø 12 mm)
    • CO2, dry-bulb temperature, relative humidity and absolute pressure sensors
  • Testo 735-2 multichannel thermometer
    Portable thermal comfort measuring system with adjustable-height tray equipped with:
    • Type K thermocouple rapid reaction contact sensor
    • Type K thermocouple air temperature sensor
    • Watertight immersible RTD temperature sensor
  • Q-TRAK 7575 multifunction indoor air quality monitor
    • CO2, dry-bulb temperature, relative humidity and absolute pressure sensors
  • Alnor 6050P-1 and Fluke 922 pitot tubes
  • ThermCondSys 5500 system
    Portable thermal comfort measuring system with adjustable-height tray equipped with:
    • Omnidirectional anemometer
    • PT100 air temperature sensor
    • Barometric pressure sensor
    • Black bulb thermometer (Ø 75 mm)
  • QUESTemp 15 heat stress monitor
  • REED R6250SD heat stress monitor with wet-bulb thermometer
  • TSI 8347 and TSI 9545 anemometers
  • Piccolo SLM-P3 sound level meter
  • HHC230 light meter
  • GASTEC pumps
  • Met One GT-526S particle sizer (OPS)
  • MiniREA 3000 photo-ionization detector

On-site energy measurement

  • Power demand measurements
    • Fluke 1730 three-phase electrical energy logger
    • Fluke i40s-EL current transformer clamp
    • Fluke iFlex i1730 current sensor
  • Dynasonic DXNP-AHS-NN and DXNP-ABS-NN ultrasonic flow meters
  • FLIR-E64501 thermal imaging camera with 10 mm, 45° lens
  • Minneapolis Blower Door System with DG-700 pressure and flow sensor

Characterization of materials

  • TPS Tenney Jr. thermal chamber

Small thermal chamber that can maintain a temperature of -70 °C to 200 °C, allowing for the measurement of the thermal performances of samples of construction or wall assembly materials.

  • C-Therm Trident

Instrument for measuring the thermal conductivity of materials from 0.03 to 10 W/m∙K, accurate to within 5%, which makes it possible to analyze solid, liquid, powder or paste samples between ‑50 °C and 200 °C without damaging or changing their properties. Allows for use of the Modified Transient Plane Source (MTPS), Transient Plane Source (TPS) and Transient Line Source (TLS) methods, and meets ISO 22007-2, ASTM D7984, D5334 and D5930 standards.

Test benches

Test benches

Controlled environment test bench (BE2C)

  • Two “Calibrated Hot Box” thermal chambers for maintaining specific environmental conditions (indoor and outdoor), which allows for evaluation of hygrothermal performances and the thermal resistance of wall assembly samples.
    • Delmhorst hygrometers
    • FluxTeq PHFS-09e heat flux sensors and thermistors
    • Moisture detection tape, relative humidity and condensation sensors
    • Load cell (500 lb)

Air distribution test bench

53 m3 model room equipped with two variable-flow ventilation systems that can be used alternately: a floor-level ventilation system (2.5 m3·min-1) and a ceiling vent system (5.2 m3·min-1).

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