Procedures for the Fall 2022 session

In order to ensure that the Fall 2022 session can be held within the current context, the following specific procedures will be applied:

  • The teaching activities for the Fall 2022 session will include "in-person" and remote activities and will be adjusted according to the evolution of the public health situation.
  • Students who are enrolled in courses to be delivered remotely must have access to a computer, a microphone and a camera, along with Internet access, preferably with a connection speed of 10Mb/s or higher. Students must open their camera and/or their microphone when required, in particular for the purposes of identification or evaluation.
  • Courses to be delivered remotely may be recorded in order to make them available to students enrolled in the course.
  • Grading for courses will be applied in accordance with normal grading procedures at ÉTS.
  • Exams (midterms, finals) will be done in person as long as the public health situation allows it.
  • The current situation prompts the ÉTS to closely monitor the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic, which could lead, before or after the beginning of the Fall 2022 session, to a retightening of government directives and recommendations. Please rest assured that ÉTS will comply with all applicable rules aimed at maintaining public health, which may go as far as prohibiting access to the ÉTS campus and delivering all teaching and evaluation activities online for the balance of the Fall 2022 session. Thus, if the exams (midterms, finals) were to be done remotely, they will be invigilated using the computer’s camera and microphone, and may be recorded. This is necessary to comply with the requirements of the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (BCAPG) to ensure the validity of assessments.
  • Additional requirements may be specified by the ÉTS or your department, depending on the specifics of your study program.

By registering or by maintaining your registration, you signify that you accept the specific procedures for the Fall 2022 session.

Remember that you have until September 19, 2022 to unsubscribe from your courses and be reimbursed.

For the new students enrolled in the Bachelor program only, you have until October 3, 2022 to unsubscribe from your courses and be reimbursed.