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Services and discounts for ÉTS graduates

Benefit from services and advantages offered to ÉTS graduates: Scholarships for children of graduates, preferential rate at the ÉTS Sports Centre, access to the ÉTS library and many more!

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Did you know that, once you have received your diploma, you are entitled to a number of advantages offered by our partners? Yours to discover!

Preferential rate at the ÉTS Sports Centre

As an ÉTS graduate, you are entitled to the same rate on you membership at the ÉTS Sports Centre as ÉTS employees. This rate also applies to your spouse, as long as you live together. Why not take advantage of it?

For information:
ÉTS Sports Center
514 396-8639

Access to the ÉTS library

ÉTS graduates benefit from free access to numerous services at the ÉTS library:

  • Borrowing of items
  • Renewal of borrowed items
  • Reservation of items
  • Access to computers and office equipment
  • Access to the wireless network
  • Access to databases and electronic documents (on-site only)

To take advantage of these services, go to the lending counter and fill out the registration form. You can also consult the services for graduates webpage (in French).

Scholarships for children of graduates

Would your son or daughter like to study at your alma mater? In order to encourage the next generation of students and to help the children of graduates follow in their parents' footsteps, ÉTS, in collaboration with the Réseau ÉTS (in French), offers them scholarships if they are enrolled full-time in a bachelor's, master's or Ph.D. program.

More information on the details and eligibility criteria (PDF, in French)

Replacing an Iron Ring

Have you lost your engineer’s Iron Ring, or does it no longer fit?

  • Order: Online, or in person at Room A-0854 at ÉTS (on appointment)
  • Cost: $25 (online: PayPal / in person: cash only)

What you will need

Determining the size of your Iron Ring

  • Templates are available at ÉTS or at most jewelry stores. Please note that you must return your current Iron Ring if it no longer fits.

Do you have questions, or do you want to make an appointment or obtain a copy of your Certificate of Obligation?
The Corporation of the Seven Wardens

Frames for diplomas

Is your diploma a source of pride? Display it properly in one of our frames.

Obtaining a frame