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Need an Official Document?

Need a copy of a diploma or transcript? Need to send documentation to the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec (OIQ)? Here’s how!

Obtaining official documents to send to the OIQ

Need to send transcripts to the OIQ? Fill in this online form (in French).

Obtaining an attestation or a transcript

There are three ways to obtain these documents.

  • Online: You can obtain them through the MonÉTS platform. And if you forgot your access code or your password, you can recover them by filling in this form (in French).
    You can also use the application form for an attestation or a transcript (in French) without logging in. Only Visa and MasterCard payments are accepted.
  • In person: You must fill out the form (in French) and pay the fees online using a computer or your cell phone BEFORE you appear at the Registrar’s Office. No payment will be accepted at the counter. You must have paid the fees by credit card at the time you fill in the form.
  • By proxy: If you asked to pick up the document at the Registrar’s Office counter and you aren’t able to get there, you can appoint a person to pick up the documents on your behalf. However, you must fill out a proxy (in French). This must be submitted to us via the Info-ÉTS form BEFORE your representative comes to the counter.

Obtain a Duplicate Copy of a Diploma

A duplicate diploma can be provided only in the following cases:

  • Loss or destruction of the original diploma;
  • Official change of name; 
  • Official change of gender. 

In these cases, send your request via the Info-ÉTS form.


  • If you need an Attestation of Completion of Studies, you must make a request using the online form.
  • If you need a certified copy of your diploma, you must go to the Registrar’s Office Service Counter during operating hours. You must bring your original diploma with you.