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Our ÉTS Ambassadors: Outstanding contributions

There are numerous graduates who achieve exceptional results and demonstrate strong ties to ÉTS. Once every two years, we spotlight the outstanding contributions made by several of these graduates to the outreach of ÉTS during the ÉTS Ambassadors Award.

The naming of the ÉTS Ambassadors is the result of the selection process conducted by a committee comprising eight individuals: the Secretary General of ÉTS, the Director of the Alumni and Philanthropy Service, one member of the teaching faculty, two representatives of the Graduate Association and three former recipients of the ÉTS Ambassador Award.

The process is meticulous and painstaking, but nonetheless rewarding, and has resulted in the nomination of 29 graduates who received the honorary title of ÉTS Ambassador (PDF), which recognizes their exceptional achievements and their ability to exceed their own limitations.

Winners of the 6th edition of the Ambassadeurs ÉTS awards were announced at the Gala des Ambassadrices et Ambassadeurs ÉTS on October 13, 2022. More information about the winners (in French).