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Advancing your career: We can help you in your professional development

Are you an ÉTS graduate? We can help you advance in your career, from continuing education to employment assistance to entrepreneurship.

Have you considered taking graduate studies in order to stand out in the labour market? ÉTS offers a number of graduate programs that you can pursue on a part-time basis.

Did you graduate less than 2 years ago?

The ÉTS Co-operative Education Service offers a free employment assistance service.

Did you graduate more than 2 years ago?

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Ascend to new heights with graduate studies in engineering

ÉTS offers graduate and post-graduate programs that focus on the needs of companies and the professionals who work for them. These programs are intended for future researchers who wish to begin a career in research and development and contribute to the advancement of scientific and technological knowledge. They are also designed to meet the needs of practicing professionals who wish to increase their knowledge.

Our graduate and post-graduate students benefit from a stimulating research environment and dynamic direction from experienced professors who are recognized for their expertise in applied research in many different fields.

For more information, consult our list of graduate programs.

Professional development and continuing education with ÉTS Formation

With more than 300 professional development activities open to managers, professionals and technicians, ÉTS Formation is among the leaders in continuing education for Québec companies in the management, project management, information and communication technology (ICT), building and infrastructure and industrial manufacturing sectors.

ÉTS Formation offers in-company and public training sessions in Québec City, Montréal, Brossard (Dix30) and Abitibi. Advantages for ÉTS graduates:

  • Discounts on all available training;
  • Develop your skills with practical and hands-on training;
  • Fulfil the requirements of your professional order or association.

For more information: ÉTS Formation (in French)

Are you interested in starting your own company?

Are you considering launching a technology company? Are you looking to validate its commercial potential, develop a minimum viable product and present your project to investors? Discover the programs offered by Centech, the business incubator created by ÉTS, and especially its Acceleration program for startups.

The Centech Acceleration program provides you with the guidance of a resident entrepreneur, and offers you the benefits of the Centech ecosystem for a period of 12 weeks.

Other advantages:

  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Access to laboratories and state-of-the-art equipment
  • Financial assistance
  • Network of experts
  • Office space