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Scientific research for the common good

Charles Despins
Director of Research and Partnerships
Interim Dean of Research

I would so much enjoy knowing how historians of the future will look back at our time. As a researcher, I hope with all my heart that the view will be positive. I like to think that the history texts will recount how scientists in the 21st century made massive investments in the public space to counterbalance false news and that, in the end, scientific common sense triumphed.

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Sylvain Cloutier
On the road to flexible printed electronics Icon
Sylvain Cloutier Electrical Engineering Department

The team led by this academic and researcher is well known for its expertise in advanced materials and manufacturing.

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Jacques de Guise
A revolutionary in radiography and a pioneer of the living laboratory Icon
Jacques de Guise Systems Engineering Department

This exceptionally qualified individual believes that patients should be systematically integrated into projects related to their care to the same extent as the other intervenors.

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Olivier Doutres
Noise: Scourge of Human Health and the Environment Icon
Olivier Doutres Mechanical Engineering Department

It is estimated that 120 million workers worldwide are at risk of deafness. In Quebec, 360,000 workers are exposed to hazardous noise levels of over 85 decibels.

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Nadjia Kara
Conductor of Ecosystems Icon
Nadjia Kara Software and Information Technology Engineering

The breathtaking pace of information and communication technologies development has forced researchers to continually come to terms with new research and development challenges.

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Annie Poulin
Seeking Balance in the Face of a Changing Climate Icon
Annie Poulin Construction Engineering Department

Extreme hydrological events are among the most significant potential impacts of climate change.

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Matthew Toews
A bright future for personalized diagnosis through image analysis Icon
Matthew Toews Systems Engineering Department

The algorithms he developed can help diagnose serious diseases, or scientifically authenticate a grand master painting from potential forgeries.

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David St-Onge
Aerobatic Engineering Icon
David St-Onge Mechanical Engineering Department

"More than ever, scientific and technological advances depend on our ability to forge a strong team spirit."

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Major gains 2019-2020
ÉTS was awarded a new industrial research chair.
Professors : The faculty grew by nine new members.
Growth in NSERC research funding.
Increase in scholarships paid by MITACS (total amount of $3.6 million).
Increase in scholarships to students ($8.5 million).
Increase in contracts awarded to research teams