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Role and Responsibilities of the Secretary-General

The primary role of the Secretary-General is to act:

  • As secretary of the University’s decision-making bodies;
  • As custodian of its regulations and procedures; and
  • As defender of the school’s legal interests.

The Secretary-General is also:

  • An adviser to the Director General, management team, deans, department heads and the whole ÉTS community;
  • A facilitator who supports the teaching and research functions; and
  • A mediator who assists with the processing and resolution of problems and can be called upon to intervene in settling sensitive issues.

The Secretary-General supervises:

  • The Legal Affairs Department
    • The Secretariat
    • The Document Management and Archives Office
  • The Communications Department
    • The Events Bureau
  • The Development Fund and Alumni Affairs Department
    • The Development Fund
    • The Alumni Affairs Department

He also collaborates with:

  • The Harassment Prevention and Resolution Office (HPRO), which reports to the Board of Directors.