Ceremonies and Honour List

Every year, ÉTS organizes official ceremonies to highlight the important milestones of its students and engineering graduates.

2019-2020 and 2020-2021 Graduation ceremonies

In January 2022, we will finally be able to celebrate your success in person at graduation ceremonies! We are currently working on the organization of these celebrations and you will receive an invitation by email as soon as the dates are known.


Date Saturday, January 22, 2022
Time 10:00 a.m.: Bachelors of Construction Engineering
3:00 p.m.: Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering
8:00 p.m.: Graduate Studies 2020
Place Théâtre Maisonneuve of the Place des Arts
Date Sunday, January 23, 2022
Time 10:00 a.m.: Bachelors of Electrical Engineering, Operations and Logistics Engineering, and Automated Manufacturing Engineering
3:00 p.m.: Bachelors of Software Engineering and Information Technology Engineering
8:00 p.m.: Graduate Studies 2021
Place Théâtre Maisonneuve of the Place des Arts

Who is eligible?

  • Graduating students who received their bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees during:
    • Winter, Summer and Fall 2020 sessions
    • Winter and Summer 2021 sessions
  • You must have paid all tuition fees in order to receive your diploma at this ceremony.

Important dates previous to the ceremonies

  • Registration email sent: Wednesday, November 17, 2021
  • Ceremony registration ends: Wednesday, December 1, 2021 (extended until December 8)
  • Sending of tickets and passes: From January 3, 2022

Tickets and passes

  • Free of charge for graduates. You will receive a pass.
  • $40 per person for spouses, parents and friends. Limit of 3 guests per graduate.
  • No charge for children under two sitting on an adult's lap.

Tickets for your guests

  • Since graduates must enter the Théâtre Maisonneuve before doors are open to all, it is imperative that you give your guests their tickets before the ceremony, as they will need them to enter the hall.

Important information and Instructions

COVID Information

In order to provide you with a safe commencement ceremony, all health measures decreed by Public health will be respected.

  • A vaccination passport and identification card with photo will be required to attend and participate in the commencement ceremony (graduates and guests).
  • Wearing a mask will be mandatory, in accordance with applicable rules.
  • It is crucial that you do not attend the commencement ceremony if you are experiencing any symptoms associated with COVID.

Health measures are constantly evolving and changing. Therefore, if the seating capacity of the theater must be reduced before the date of the event, it will be necessary to revisit the manner in which the ceremony will be organized and held.

Typical ceremony

  • Arrival: You will be informed by email with respect to the exact time of your arrival. For logistical reasons, graduates who arrive late will not be admitted, and their diploma will be sent to them by mail.
  • Registration and dressing: You will receive specific instructions on site. Please be sure to have your pass with you.
  • Opening of doors: You will be informed by email with respect to the time when the doors will be opened for your guests.
  • Beginning of the ceremony: The ceremony will begin at the time indicated on your letter of invitation. When your name is called, you will go up on stage to receive your diploma.
  • Reception: A reception will be held following the ceremony.

Dress code

  • Business attire is required for graduates and their guests.  


  • Required, at a cost of $3, cash only.
  • Place des Arts is not responsible for stolen or lost belongings (purses) left in the coatroom during the event. Therefore, if you have any concerns, we recommend that you leave your belongings with your guests.

Photos and videos

  • The ceremony will be live-streamed on the ÉTS Facebook page so that your loved ones can attend remotely.
  • A professional photographer will take individual photos when you go on stage to receive your diploma. Photos will be online within 72 hours of the ceremony at photopatrick.com.
  • ÉTS convocation is a public event. Participants may see their images in the media, on the ÉTS website or Facebook page or in the school’s promotional materials. By registering for the ceremony, you accept these possibilities.

Graduation photo

Can’t attend the ceremony?

To claim you diploma, you must access the Forms section on MonÉTS portal, then complete and submit the Réclamation du parchemin/Diplôme form.
No diploma will be issued without this duly completed form. If you prefer to pick up your diploma at the service desk of the Registrar’s Office, please indicate this in the comment section of the form. We will contact you to inform you of the time when you can come by. 
For any question on this topic, write to the Registrar's Office using your ÉTS address and mentioning your permanent code.

IMPORTANT: Please note that diplomas are kept for a maximum of 5 years following the final session of courses. Any diplomas that are not retrieved by this date are destroyed in accordance with archival rules governing student files. Don’t wait too long to request your diploma.


Why do I need to arrive so far ahead of the start time?
You must arrive early in order to have time to sign in, obtain your gown and mortarboard, take your assigned place in the procession and receive your instructions. Late arrivals will NOT be admitted.

May I participate in the ceremony if I haven’t received an invitation?
No. You must have received an invitation to participate in Convocation. (See Eligibility section above for more details.)


Write to collationgrades@etsmtl.ca from your ÉTS email address and include your permanent code, the name of your program and your mailing address in your message.

Students who have completed their bachelor's degree in the Summer or Fall 2021 semester:

  • The ceremony of the Calling of an Engineer will take place on November 20, 2021. Students who are potentially eligible will be contacted directly.

The ÉTS Honour List features the students with the most outstanding academic results at the undergraduate, master’s and PhD levels.
More specifically, it includes:

  • graduates of an undergraduate program having achieved a cumulative grade point average of 4.0 or greater out of 4.3;
  • graduates of a project-based master’s program having achieved a cumulative grade point average of 4.0 or greater out of 4.3;
  • graduates of a thesis-based master’s program having achieved an overall result deemed "Excellent";
  • graduates of the PhD program having achieved an overall result deemed "Excellent".

Spring 2020


  • Boudreau-Rousseau, Olivier, Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
  • Dufour, Philippe, Bachelor of Construction Engineering
  • Dupont-Francoeur, Aryane, Bachelor of Operations and Logistics Engineering
  • Gauthier-Perron, Dominic, Bachelor of Construction Engineering
  • Laliberté, Alexandre, Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
  • Lanthier, Catherine, Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
  • Lapointe, Benoît, Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
  • L'Écuyer-Lapierre, Louis, Bachelor of Automated Manufacturing Engineering
  • Létourneau, Camille, Bachelor of Software Engineering
  • Matteau, Sébastien, Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
  • Metcheuzine, Patrice, Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
  • Meunier, Patrice, Bachelor of Construction Engineering
  • Pagé, Louis-Pierre, Bachelor of Software Engineering
  • Poulin, Félix, Bachelor of Construction Engineering
  • Ross, Samuel, Bachelor of Construction Engineering
  • Tringle, Jonathan, Bachelor of Automated Manufacturing Engineering

Masters with thesis

  • Aidi, Saifeddine, Master in Information Technology Engineering
  • Askari Noghani, Kiavash, Master in Electrical Engineering
  • Boukharata, Sabrine, Master in Engineering
  • El Mensoum, Imane, Master in Engineering
  • Ghanmi, Oussema, Master in Mechanical Engineering
  • Proteau Gervais, Samuel, Master in Construction Engineering
  • Rodriguez Avella, Katherine, Master in Environmental Engineering
  • Rony, Jérôme, Master in Automated Manufacturing Engineering
  • Shorten, Lucas, Master in Automated Manufacturing Engineering

Masters with project

  • Bakkari, Mehdi, Master in Electrical Engineering
  • Brisotto, Lucas, Master in Engineering
  • Blayo, Marion, Master in Engineering
  • Chaffanet, Paul, Master in Automated Manufacturing Engineering
  • Dupouy, Gautier, Master in Engineering
  • Klopfenstein, Luc, Master in Automated Manufacturing Engineering
  • Mammeri, Tarik, Master in Engineering
  • Peretti, Thibaut, Master in Engineering
  • Rajkowski, Laura, Master in Engineering
  • Tran, Anh Vu Stéphan, Master in Electrical Engineering
  • Voiron, Bastien, Master in Mechanical Engineering


  • Bitterlin, Matthieu, Doctorate in Engineering
  • Bretin, Rémy, Doctorate in Engineering
  • Bohlooli Arkhazloo, Nima, Doctorate in Engineering
  • Mokhayyeri, Faniya, Doctorate in Engineering
  • Paz Loboguerrero, Andrés, Doctorate in Engineering
  • Pham, Minh Nha, Doctorate in Engineering
  • Poulin-Masson, Jean-René, Doctorate in Engineering
  • Rohoden Jaramillo, Katty Alexandra, Doctorate in Engineering
  • Shahkolaei, Atena, Doctorate in Engineering
  • Sleiman, Mohammad, Doctorate in Engineering
  • Tran, Ha Vu, Doctorate in Engineering
  • Zhang, Chunping, Doctorate in Engineering
  • Zongo, Teega Wende Floriane, Doctorate in Engineering

Fall 2020


  • Bazinet, Vincent, Bachelor of Construction Engineering
  • Beaudoin, Samuel, Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
  • Bédard-Massicotte, Félix, Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
  • Cardinal, Antoine, Bachelor of Construction Engineering
  • Cayouette, Audrey, Bachelor of Operations and Logistics Engineering
  • Chabot, Joé, Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
  • Côté, Marc-Olivier, Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
  • Côté, Pierre-Olivier, Bachelor of Construction Engineering
  • Couture, Marc-Antoine, Bachelor of Software Engineering
  • Dulude-Maher, Kevin, Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
  • Fiset, Frédéric, Bachelor of Construction Engineering
  • Guénette, Laurence, Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
  • Labbé, David, Bachelor of Construction Engineering
  • LaforgeFélix, Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering                            
  • Lamarre, Gabriel, Bachelor of Software Engineering
  • Laporte, Vincent, Bachelor of Construction Engineering
  • Lemay, Louis-Guillaume, Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
  • Maheux, Philippe, Bachelor of Automated Manufacturing Engineering
  • Marion, François, Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
  • Martimbeau, Simon, Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
  • Nadeau, Maxime, Bachelor of Construction Engineering
  • Nadeau, Philippe, Bachelor of Automated Manufacturing Engineering
  • Ngo, Minh Van, Bachelor of Automated Manufacturing Engineering
  • Parent-Leduc, Hugo, Bachelor of Automated Manufacturing Engineering
  • Pesant, Samuel, Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
  • Pettersen-Coulombe, Émile, Bachelor of Software Engineering
  • Plouffe, Mikaël, Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
  • Rancourt, Félix, Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
  • Seminaro, Juliette, Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
  • Souames, Sid-Ali-Islem, Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
  • Yao, Sampoa Armand, Bachelor of Automated Manufacturing Engineering

Master with thesis

  • Aminbeidokhti, Masih, Master in Information Technology Engineering
  • Baba Cheikh, Zeineb, Master in Engineering
  • Badreddine, Wiem, Master in Information Technology Engineering
  • Belaid, Sarra, Master in Engineering
  • Benoit, Philippe, Master in Environmental Engineering
  • Boucher Charbonneau, Kristof, Master in Information Technology Engineering
  • Champagne, Olivier, Master in Mechanical Engineering
  • Cognet, Bruno, Master in Engineering
  • Côté, Raphael, Master in Mechanical Engineering
  • Curnillon, Théo, Master in Engineering
  • Delmas, Vincent, Master in Mechanical Engineering
  • Dongmo Tambah, Kevin Gildas, Master in Engineering
  • El Tannoury, Jihad, Master in Engineering
  • Falardeau, Maggie, Master in Engineering
  • Gazaille, Stéphane, Master in Information Technology Engineering
  • Gingras, Bryan, Master in Engineering
  • Jacquier, Pierre, Master in Mechanical Engineering
  • Khan, Mohammed Basharnavaz, Master in Electrical Engineering
  • Lunel, Tanguy, Master in Engineering
  • Ly, Nam, Master in Electrical Engineering
  • Main de Boissière, Alban, Master in Electrical Engineering
  • Mezni, Ameni, Master in Engineering
  • Neyret, Charles, Master in Construction Engineering
  • Paquotte, Andréa, Master in Construction Engineering
  • Pires, Louis, Master in Engineering
  • Prinsen, Vanessa, Master in Engineering
  • Prud Homme Buelna, Alberto, Master in Electrical Engineering
  • Rolland, Valentin, Master in Mechanical Engineering
  • Souilah, Mondher, Master in Mechanical Engineering
  • Verdier, François, Master in Engineering

Master with project

  • Agbangla, Amour Martial Mahougnon, Master in Information Technology Engineering
  • André, Tiphaine, Master in Automated Manufacturing Engineering
  • Ben Abdallah, Ismaïl, Master in Engineering
  • Bholah, Vicky, Master in Automated Manufacturing Engineering
  • Campagna-Wilson, Jeanne, Master in Construction Engineering
  • Clément, Étienne, Master in Construction Engineering
  • Cosmao, Sébastien, Master in Aerospace Engineering
  • Cournoyer-Champoux, Lysanne, Master in Engineering
  • Diot, Tiphaine, Master in Automated Manufacturing Engineering
  • Dos Santos Barreto, Rafael Renan, Master in Mechanical Engineering
  • Feith, Lucas, Master in Mechanical Engineering
  • Fekhar, Abdelhadi, Master in Automated Manufacturing Engineering
  • Filteau, Benjamin, Master in Construction Engineering
  • Gosseries, Jordan, Master in Construction Engineering
  • Harlé, Antoine, Master in Automated Manufacturing Engineering
  • Iaquinta, James, Master in Mechanical Engineering
  • Jack, David, Master in Aerospace Engineering
  • LaRoche-Rioux, Catherine, Master in Engineering
  • Lemoine, Pierre, Master in Construction Engineering
  • Leseurre, Cyprien, Master in Engineering
  • Morra, Mario, Master in Software Engineering
  • Nivole, Dimitri, Master in Engineering
  • Tremblay, Amélie, Master in Engineering
  • Vacher, Quentin, Master in Environmental Engineering
  • Véniant, Axel, Master in Aerospace Engineering


  • Aghazadehkouzekonani, Fatemeh, Doctorate in Engineering
  • Ayache, Khedidja, Doctorate in Engineering
  • Blancke, Olivier, Doctorate in Engineering
  • Boulianne, Gilles, Doctorate in Engineering
  • Bouissa, Yassine, Doctorate in Engineering
  • Eshteiwi, Khaled Mohamed, Doctorate in Engineering
  • Khasawneh, Samer, Doctorate in Engineering
  • Kossè Kaba, Emmanuel, Doctorate in Engineering
  • Letenneur, Morgan, Doctorate in Engineering
  • Lopez Salazar, Ruben, Doctorate in Engineering
  • Nadon, Vincent, Doctorate in Engineering
  • Robichaud, Alexandre, Doctorate in Engineering
  • Rohart, Vincent, Doctorate in Engineering
  • Roth, Simon Nicolas, Doctorate in Engineering
  • Sharma, Smarjeet, Doctorate in Engineering
  • ZikoImtiaz Masud, Doctorate in Engineering