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Suspicious Packages

A package or letter that exhibits any combination of the following characteristics should be considered suspicious:

  • Missing or fictitious return address;
  • Exposed electrical wires;
  • Excessive packaging material (adhesive tape);
  • Oil stains, discolouration or crystallization on the packaging;
  • Irregularly shaped package;
  • Recipient’s name and address badly typed or written;
  • Excessive postage;
  • Spelling errors;
  • Recipient’s title instead of name;
  • Solid or thick envelope;
  • Originating from a foreign country;
  • Restrictive instructions (marked as confidential).

A package that exhibits any of the following characteristics may be suspected of containing nuclear, radioactive, biological or chemical materials:

  • It is damaged;
  • It is leaking;
  • It contains liquid, powder or granules;
  • It gives off an unusual odour;
  • It emits a gas or vapour;
  • There is seepage or bubbling;
  • It contains aerosols;
  • It shows signs of corrosion.

Procedure to follow

  • Move away from the package;
  • Do not use your cellular phone near the package, and turn it off if possible;
  • Contact Security at extension 55 or by calling 514-396-8800, extension 55;
  • Give the dispatcher as much information as possible, and do not hang up until you are advised to do so.



  • Do not touch, shake, smell or taste the suspicious article;
  • Isolate the article and evacuate the surrounding area immediately;
  • Anyone who has had contact with the article should immediately wash their hands with soap and water.

Returning to the building

  • Authorization to return to the building will be communicated at the meeting point.