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Medical emergency

If a person’s life is in danger, call 911.

Prioritize your safety

  • Evaluate your environment and the security of the area before trying to help.

If the person is conscious, ask for the following information:

  • Their name;
  • Details concerning the incident;
  • Details concerning their injuries;
  • Questions about their allergies and health problems;
  • Contact Security at extension 55 (internal telephone system);
  • Do not approach the victim if the dispatcher advises you not to;
  • Administer first aid if you have received the proper training, and wait for a Security Officer to arrive;
  • Keep people away from the victim to give them space and facilitate the work of emergency workers;
  • Do not move the victim unless the situation represents a danger to them;
  • Do not give the victim anything to eat or drink, even if they request it;
  • Remain in contact with Security if possible;
  • If the victim’s condition worsens, call 911.

When a Security Officer arrives

  • A Security Officer will travel to the location that you have indicated to take charge of the situation;
  • Remain on site to assist the Security Officer and provide information concerning the victim.