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Elevator malfunction

Follow these instructions if you are trapped inside an elevator or if you witness someone in this situation.

If you are trapped inside an elevator

  • Do not attempt to open the doors yourself;
  • Remain calm and press the call button located inside the cabin. This will put you in direct communication with Security;
  • If the call button does not work, use your cellular phone to call 514-396-8900. You will be transferred to Security;
  • The elevator company will be contacted immediately to free you;
  • In case of sickness, inform the Security Officer immediately, and they will contact Emergency Services.

If you witness someone trapped inside an elevator

  • Do not attempt to save them by opening the door;
  • Reassure them, and inform them that help is on the way;
  • Ask if anyone is injured or requires emergency assistance (e.g.: claustrophobic), and ask how many people are trapped inside the elevator;
  • Contact the Security Office at extension 55 (internal system) or 514-396-8900;
  • Remain on the scene until help arrives, and continue to reassure those trapped inside;
  • If someone’s condition worsens, call 911 immediately.