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Taking Co-op Students from ÉTS: For Primatech, it’s an Exchange of Best Processes

"The first thing that I say to ÉTS interns in welcoming them is that they’re here for an “exchange of best processes”: I expect them to give 120% of themselves, and in return, they have access to our knowledge and all our resources. I’m never disappointed. They come here with new ideas, and we have a lot of informal discussions with them – it’s very rewarding, for them as much as for us! This allows us to keep in touch with the latest research and innovations, to keep ourselves up-to-date," explains Maxime Dupont, mechanical engineer and manager of R & D at Primatech.

Since they’re often members of ÉTS student clubs, Maxime Dupont finds they are resourceful and dynamic, in addition to having initiative. At Primatech, they find an open environment, where opinions are freely expressed, where you can ask questions. "Sometimes," adds Mr. Dupont, "as a result of their questions and comments, we end up changing our own processes!"

Ready for the Reality of the Workplace

"For companies that host co-op student interns, like we do, the most important competitive advantage of ÉTS is that they have obtained their technical DEC before beginning their studies in engineering. That makes them better prepared for the reality of the workplace, as well as multi-skilled, better equipped. We also appreciate that working with ÉTS is easy."

About Primatech

Primatech is a leader in the field of manufacturing specialized tools and fasteners for installing hardwood floors. This Quebec City-area SMB, whose patented products are distributed on a global scale, competes in its field of expertise with the largest multinationals, thanks in particular to its R & D program which allows it to design products with unmatched features to improve the installation of wood floors and permit the endless cycles of wood contraction and expansion to occur without loss of aesthetic qualities.