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Taking Co-op Students to Attract Engineers to Drummondville

"Welcoming students has an undeniable advantage, that of making ourselves known! The Drummondville regional economy is booming, and we often have to hire new engineers," says Vicky Guilbault, Human Resources Staffing Advisor with the Canimex Group.

"We’ve been taking on ÉTS interns for some years, but in a more sustained way these past three years", explains Vicky Guilbault. "This spring, 21 students will join our ranks for a co-op work term. The number varies with the rhythm of the growth of the business and the implementation of new projects. Allowing these young people to put their skills to good use is consistent with the mission Canimex gave itself, a few years ago, to get closer to the academic community and help students along their path.

Often graduating with a technical DEC before beginning their engineering studies, co-op interns who come from ÉTS already know the manufacturing environment. They have acquired good skills and knowledge in design and manufacturing, which gives them a clear advantage for integrating into the workplace and assimilating new knowledge. They arrive with more current knowledge, because they’ve had regular access to new technologies. It frequently happens that interns come back to us to do a coop term in another of the group’s business units, each of which operates as a separate company."

About the Canimex Group

The Canimex Group is a world leader in the manufacture and international trade of mechanical, hydraulic and electronic components and products for access systems and garage doors. Through its seven business units, it also offers aluminium die casting services for the automotive industry, tooling and high precision machining services, sheet metal transformation, as well as the manufacturing of molds, dies and mechanically welded parts. With more than 745 employees, the Drummondville company is present in over 70 countries.