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Living on campus

Students who live at ÉTS residences can take advantage of everything the campus and the effervescent Griffintown neighbourhood have to offer, without having to worry about traffic.

Classrooms, the Sports Centre, the student resto-pub, the cafeteria, the library, student clubs, supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants and green spaces are all just steps away from all of the residences.

Deux étudiants et une étudiante assis sur le gazon dans la cour intérieure des résidences

When it’s time for a break, there are numerous common areas where you can socialize, chat and enjoy yourself.

Residents have access to game rooms and expansive grassy courtyards outfitted with volleyball and basketball courts, along with barbecues.

ÉTS residences also allow students to take full advantage of everything available in Montréal throughout the year!

People on bikes on a footbridge along the river with the Jacques-Cartier bridge in the distance.

Students have easy access to a wealth of attractions, including the Saint Lawrence River, Lachine Canal, Old Montréal, Mount Royal, downtown and the Quartier des spectacles – all within walking distance of the campus.

ÉTS is also ideally located close to Metro stations, commuter trains and a huge network of cycling paths, which facilitates the use of public transit and active transportation!

Preparing to leave

Are you leaving the residences soon? Here is a checklist to help organize your preparations.

  • Inform the Administrative Office for Residences of the date of your departure: 45-days advance notice is required.
  • Go to the Office to verify and, if necessary, pay the balance of your account. You will receive an envelope for returning your access cards and keys.
  • Remove everything from your room and clean it.
  • Remove all of your personal effects from the common areas.
  • Empty and clean the shelves in the kitchen and the bathroom.
  • Lock the windows and the door to your room when you vacate the premises.
  • Deposit any trash and recycling in the appropriate locations.
  • Return any borrowed equipment (vacuum cleaner, broom, mop, iron and ironing board, etc.) to the Administrative Office for Residences.
  • Place the following items in the envelope intended for this purpose:
    • Your access card;
    • The key to your room;
    • Your key to the mailbox;
    • Your parking access card, if applicable.
  • Bring the envelope to the Administrative Office for Residences. If the Office is closed at the time of your departure, bring it to the ÉTS Security desk located at the entrance to Pavilion A.

Additional charges for damage or other reasons

An inspection is conducted when a tenant vacates the premises, or soon after. If they have been left in unacceptable condition, or if the apartment has been significantly damaged or furniture is missing, the person who recently left will be held responsible, and a lump sum will be charged to their account. The same applies if a tenant leaves without returning their access cards, parking cards, room keys or mail box keys, or if any loaned equipment is not returned at the time of departure.

  • Bonaventure and Lucien-L'Allier metro stations
  • Supermarkets
  • ÉTS Sports Center
  • The student Resto-pub
  • A vast network of bicycle paths
  • Downtown and Old Montréal