NeuroFOCUS Program

The NeuroFOCUS program combines technology, healthy lifestyle habits and proven learning strategies.

We are increasingly bombarded with a multitude of stimuli that are constantly interfering with our ability to concentrate. The university years are no exception to this reality. In fact, university often represents a student’s first exposure to the art of juggling multiple schedules and deadlines while maintaining a healthy balance with physical and mental health. Students must learn how to manage their time wisely, plan their sessions effectively and overcome procrastination and stress. This important period in their lives has a major impact on their mental health.

At ÉTS, the success of our students is a top priority, but above all, we want them to leave here with the conviction that they possess everything they need to achieve all of their dreams and aspirations.

An initiative of Student Services, the specialized NeuroFOCUS program comprises three components: learning strategies, healthy lifestyle habits and technological tools. Participants in the program are accompanied by advisors from Student Services and a kinesiologist from the ÉTS Sports Centre for the full 13 weeks of courses in the session.

The program includes:

  • Workshops focusing on learning strategies
  • Monitoring and guidance from an assigned advisor
  • Physical activity
  • A smart watch
  • Use of a Muse headband (electroencephalography sensor)
  • Use of a NeuroTracker


  • Utilisation du Muse headband (lecteur électroencéphalogramme)
  • Utilisation du Neurotracker

One-credit out-of-program course

You can earn one out-of-program credit if you take the NeuroFOCUS ATE-070 course. Register through Cheminot.

For more information

If you have questions concerning NeuroFOCUS, please contact the program coordinator, Bruno Boileau, or his colleague, Julie Brisson, at