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Academic Success Support Programs

There is a good chance that your university career will require a great deal of adaptation. The following programs are available to make your studies at ÉTS as smooth as possible and to ensure that you are well equipped to confidently navigate your way.

Peer tutoring via Nimbus

You need a little help understanding the subject matter in one of your courses? Thanks to peer tutoring via the Nimbus program, you can get free support from an experienced tutor online or on campus.

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Logo of the Neurofocus Program

NeuroFOCUS Program

NeuroFOCUS is a specialized program that combines technology, healthy lifestyle habits and proven learning strategies with a view to optimizing your potential.

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Logo of the Contact Program

Contact Program for new international students

The purpose of the Contact Program is to match experienced students (student mentors) with newly arriving international students (mentored students).

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