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Work-Study Program

Are you a full-time ÉTS student looking for an on-campus job? The Work-Study Program subsidizes part-time jobs to help students with financial difficulties to continue studying full-time.

It funds 50% of the eligible student’s salary (including benefits), up to a maximum of 250 hours per semester. If you are eligible for this program, you could have a better chance of getting a part-time job on campus.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Be a full-time ÉTS student.
  • Have financial difficulties.
  • Have a satisfactory school record.
  • Receive financial assistance under the Loans and Scholarships Program, OR have exhausted the eligibility session or reached the debt limit for local students.
  • Have a legal status as Quebec students.
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Processing Your Application

Your application will be processed quickly. An e-mail will be sent to your address to let you know if you are eligible for the Work-Study Program.  

You only need to apply for eligibility once during the school year. If you are already admitted for the autumn session, we will automatically check your eligibility at the beginning of the winter session and send you a new certificate of eligibility if you meet the criteria. The same procedure will apply for the summer semester.

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Your Eligibility for the Work-Study Program

You will receive your certificate of eligibility by e-mail at your address.

You can then apply for the jobs you’re interested in, specifying that you have your certificate of eligibility to the Work-Study Program. Part-Time Job on Campus.

Your name will also be added to our database. You may be called to fill temporary positions at the ÉTS.

Since your financial situation may change over the course of your studies, your certificate of eligibility must be renewed by registering for the program each year.

 Your Non-Eligibility for the Work-Study Program

Non-eligibility does not prohibit you from holding a part-time job on campus. Your name will still be retained for non-subsidized jobs. If in doubt, contact a member of our team.