Part-Time Jobs on Campus

Would you like to work for pay on campus for a few hours each week? Each semester, some services and departments offer part-time jobs or are looking for candidates for one-time events. You can apply within the following departments.

Remember, if you want to maximize your chances of success, don’t work more than 20 hours per week!

TYPE OF WORK: IT support in classrooms (evening work for students in software engineering or IT engineering)
Submit your résumé to
TYPE OF WORK: Receptionist, open house guide, various jobs for large events (setting up, greeting, coat room, etc.)
Submit your résumé to Étienne Cormier-Blouin
TYPE OF WORK: Receptionist, facilitator, orientation for new students
Submit your résumé to Student Services
TYPE OF WORK: Tutor (A person who can offer academic support to students who are having difficulties)
Send an email to
TYPE OF WORK: Undergraduate guide/ambassador for recruitment activities (high schools, colleges, etc.)
Submit your résumé to Joanna Mendakiewicz (BRÉCI)
TYPE OF WORK: Graduate school guide/ambassador for recruitment activities (fairs, Web facilitators, various presentations, etc.)
Submit your résumé to Joanna Mendakiewicz (BRÉCI)
TYPE OF WORK: Checkout clerk
Bring your résumé to the counter at the Coop
TYPE OF WORK: Reception clerk, referee, trainer
Bring your résumé to the reception desk of the Sports Centre
TYPE OF WORK: Exam monitor
Apply via Mon ÉTS
TYPE OF WORK: Waiter/waitress
Bring your résumé to the Resto-pub
TYPE OF WORK: Lab assistant, teaching assistant
Bring your résumé to the appropriate department
TYPE OF WORK: Meeting chair, meeting secretary, etc.
Submit your résumé to communications vice-chair