Co-op Work Term and Permits

All students enrolled in an undergraduate program at ÉTS must successfully complete three paid co-op work terms. Some master’s students in the project profile may also have an opportunity to do a work term as part of their program. As a foreign student, you must obtain a permit from the Canadian government to be allowed to do a co-op work term.

Co-op Work Permit

If your program includes an work term, you are required, as a foreign student, to obtain a co-op work permit before you start to work. This (free) permit authorizes you to work full time as part of your work term. To apply for a permit, you must have on hand:

  • Your official letter of admission confirming that the co-op work term form an integral part of your program
  • an attestation from the Office of the Registrar.

If you hold a co-op work permit and it will expire before the end of the work term, you must renew it before the end of the work term semester. You can renew this permit at the same time as your study permit.

As soon as you receive the co-op work permit, bring it to the Cooperative Education department with your Social Insurance Number.

Consult the Government of Canada Immigration and Citizenship website to obtain more information on the co-op work permit.