Mohammad Jahazi and Metallic Alloys: Advanced Knowledge for an Age-Old Activity

High-strength metallic alloys are frequently used in the transportation and energy industries. Mohammad Jahazi, professor and researcher in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, works on forming and joining these alloys. With more than 180 publications to his name, Professor Jahazi, who holds an Industrial Research Chair, is recognized around the world as an expert in his field.

Highly Sought-After Metallic Alloys

Metallic alloys that bear extreme mechanical weight must be flawlessly reliable. The growing expectations and the highly competitive nature of the market require the development of new, high-performance alloys.

In order to design state-of-the-art alloys, a fundamental understanding of the material is required, which is where Professor Jahazi steps in as an expert. In his research work, he examines the interactions between the materials, the forming process and the in-use properties. In particular, he studies the microstructures that control these interactions and affect the properties of the alloys.

Optimizing Production Processes

Professor Jahazi’s work focuses on optimizing production processes in a context of significant competitiveness and growing environmental concerns.

Not only must quality and productivity be enhanced, but significant savings must also be generated while reducing the environmental footprint of alloy production.

For example, the transportation industry requires more and more extremely large ingots. These ingots take a long time to solidify, and their microstructures must be completely homogenous. Professor Jahazi’s work consists of studying the mechanisms that reduce solidification time while producing the desired microstructures.

When the Professor’s Expertise Benefits the Industry… and the Students!

In exchange for Professor Jahazi’s scientific expertise, partner companies host ÉTS students. It’s a win-win relationship!