ÉTS and EERS: a collaboration that has a positive impact on society 

In 2009, Montreal company EERS sold the American giant 3M an innovative system of passive hearing protection combined with a measuring tool. In 2018, this innovation, the world reference in the field, became the standard in the United States. 

“I approached ÉTS in 2000, because I wanted to develop software to measure the attenuation of hearing protectors. I made the acquaintance of Jérémie Voix, who was interested in doing his Ph.D. at ÉTS. We quickly developed a close relationship, and he eventually became our Chief Technology Officer,” says Nick Laperle, Founding President of EERS.

A Success that Led to the Creation of a Research Chair

The idea of a first research chair (2010-2015) saw the light of day when, after obtaining his doctorate, the young researcher joined the faculty of the ÉTS mechanical engineering department. “This first partnership allowed us to do targeted research, to create many new products whose positive impacts affect society as a whole. “Our collaboration with ÉTS gave birth to a unique technology – protected by more than 43 patents – which protects industrial workers against loss of hearing and allows them to communicate in the noise,” explains Mr. Laperle.

In 2016, this success resulted in the creation of an NSERC industrial research chair held by Jérémie Voix, who has 23 researchers, including master's and Ph.D. students, postdoctoral fellows, researchers and research professionals who all devote themselves to three areas of research established by the incumbent in collaboration with EERS.

“The algorithms developed under the first chair were used to develop the most recent technological innovation in the field of hearing protection, the SonX digital protector, on the verge of going to market,” Mr. Laperle points out.  

A Collaboration that Became an Important Financial Lever

“Our collaboration with ÉTS constitutes an important lever on the financial level, giving us access to funds and considerably increasing the magnitude of our research efforts. We also have continuous access to the knowledge and skills of these researchers and student researchers who are part of our engineering team and now our ecosystem.”

Located in the INGO innovation hub at ÉTS, EERS specializes in hearing protection and in-ear communication. Its team brings together engineers, acousticians and other dedicated professional who develop algorithms in partnership with the ÉTS research teams, through the NSERC-EERS Industrial Research Chair in In-Ear Technologies (CRITIAS).