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For Darine Ayemed, Post-Doctoral Fellow at ÉTS, Research is the Essence of Innovation in Our Daily Lives

Darine Ayemed, who is passionate about ambient intelligence and technological innovation, is a post-doctoral fellow at ÉTS’s Synchromédia Laboratory.

This researcher and entrepreneur is also executive director and co-founder of NYX-R, a start-up that offers an eco-sensitive cognitive platform that combines IoT, analytics and artificial intelligence for intelligent management of indoor and outdoor living spaces.

A Remarkable Welcome to ÉTS

“I came to Montréal with a pretty atypical transdisciplinary background that combined computer science, management, multimedia and art and technology. ÉTS accepted my doctoral project, which paired art and a brain/machine interface, and offered me the resources and the latitude I needed to keep moving forward in a field that is still largely unexplored,” explained the post-doctoral fellow.

ÉTS, A Rich Surrounding Community

Being involved in research brings its share of difficulties. Darine believes you have to have the courage to transform what might seem to be a failure into a new avenue. She found the support she needed to carry on at ÉTS. She learned that mistakes are often part of an entrepreneur’s path.

“I benefited greatly, both socially and academically, from everything that was made available to me, especially the clubs that make the school’s community life so enriching!” she said. Doctoral candidates and post-doctoral fellows at ÉTS have the opportunity to be part of a surrounding community that promotes all kinds of exchanges and can influence their career path.

Darine has been a science blogger; she’s been a science popularizer in fields that aren’t even her own. She’s shared her passion with others and worked to promote women in science, engineering and technology through ÉTS’s Women in Engineering group.

Real Projects

The effervescent atmosphere that reigns at ÉTS led her to centre her research work on real projects to benefit the economy, quality of life and society.

“I have the immense privilege to study under the researcher Mohamed Cheriet, a world-renowned specialist in new generation networks (NGN), green cloud computing, smart networks and smart living, and IoT, who agreed to mentor me. At ÉTS, I found people like me and an environment in which I can get ahead!” she concluded.