Harassment Prevention and Resolution Office

The mission of the ÉTS Harassment Prevention and Resolution Office (HPRO) is to help make ÉTS an open-minded and respectful environment in which to live, study and work; in which each person feels welcomed and respected; and in which diversity is valued and experienced as an asset and an advantage.

The HPRO favours a proactive approach that is based on problem solving and preventing violence and harassment.

In situations where the problem-solving approach does not bring about the desired results, a formal harassment investigation (psychological or sexual) is made in order to evaluate whether harassment has indeed taken place and if so, to stop it. Recommendations are made to prevent recurrences and promote a work and study environment that is healthy and harassment-free.

A framework to guarantee respect throughout the ÉTS environment

ÉTS has enacted various policies and regulations to ensure we are a respectful place to work, to study and to live. Among these are: