ETS financial support

To be eligible for the ÉTS financial support bursary, you must be facing a budget deficit preventing you from meeting your basic needs and, if applicable, those of your dependent children. You must also be in a situation where you cannot further reduce your expenses or increase your income or assistance received from your family.

This program is available throughout the school year, and there are no deadlines. The aid is paid in the form of a scholarship. It is adapted to your needs and varies as a function of ÉTS’ budgetary resources.

Amount and duration

  • From $500 to $2,000 (once a year, non-renewable)

Eligibility criteria

  • Be studying full-time in an ÉTS program leading to a degree (bachelor, masters or doctorate);
  • Have already successfully completed one full time semester at ÉTS and have paid the tuition fees in full;
  • Be able to achieve the objectives of his/her program of studies and have a cumulative average of at least 2.0 (undergraduates) or 3.0 (graduate students);
  • Have met with a student services advisor to validate the financial situation and various options
  • Be in financial difficulty at the time of application;
  • Not have received this award within the past year (12 months);
  • Have not been refused the award during the past six months.

Selection criteria

  • Financial situation;
  • Perseverance in the search for solutions;
  • Personal contribution (holding a job, recourse to personal savings, use of personal debt);
  • Extra-curricular involvement or school workload not allowing time for paid work.

Documents required

  • Any relevant documentation and justification must be provided on request.
  • You must fill in this form [in French].
Study program Bachelor
Master's Degree with Project
Master's Degree with Thesis
Legal status Canadian citizen
Permanent resident
International students

Open throughout the year (no deadline).

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