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Gas smell

Follow these instructions if you notice a gas leak or the smell of gas.

Gas smell or leak

  • Avoid producing any flame or spark. Do not activate any piece of equipment, including light switches or cellular phones. Static electricity can cause a spark;
  • Leave the area (e.g.: laboratory, kitchen in the cafeteria, etc.);
  • In case of emergency, contact Security at extension 55 (internal telephone system) using a phone located in another area;
  • Do not activate the fire alarm (red station).

Do not touch anything

  • If any equipment is on, leave it on;
  • If any equipment is off, leave it off.

Evacuation order

If evacuation is required, Security will advise you.

  • Remain calm;
  • Move directly to the nearest emergency exit and leave the building;
  • Do not use the elevators;
  • Do not make a detour to collect your personal effects;
  • Go directly to the assigned meeting point for your building;
  • Do not go back inside the building for any reason.