• Wait until Security orders evacuation. Security officers must inspect evacuation routes to ensure that there is no danger (suspicious packages). 
  • Stay calm.
  • Dress according to the outdoor temperature, but don’t make a detour to get clothing (for example, don’t go to your locker). 
  • Evacuate the area via the closest emergency stairwell. Don’t take the elevator. 
  • Keep a safe distance from the building. 
  • Go to the meeting point.
  • Do not go back inside for any reason.

Returning to the building

  • You can return to the building as soon as Security announces that it is safe to do so.
  • This authorization will be announced over a megaphone at the meeting point. 

Meeting points

  • The Dow Planetarium parking lot, at the corner of Peel and Notre Dame streets, at the northeastern corner of ÉTS. 
  • In the wintertime, people who are evacuated will be escorted, as soon as possible, to the hall in Pavilion B and the common areas of the dormitories located at 301 Peel Street and 1045 Ottawa Street.