There are a number of situations that may require the evacuation of a building at ÉTS. Here is the procedure to follow if an emergency measure requires an evacuation.

When you hear the fire alarm or when Security orders an evacuation

  • Remain calm;
  • Move directly to the nearest emergency exit and leave the building;
  • Do not use the elevators;
  • Do not make a detour to collect your personal effects;
  • Go directly to the assigned meeting point for your building;
  • Do not go back inside the building for any reason.

Ensure that the emergency exit is safe before using it. If it is not safe, use a different emergency exit

  • Use the back of your hand to determine whether the door is hot;
  • Verify whether there is smoke present;
  • Verify whether there is a suspicious odour (natural gas).

Return to the building

  • Authorization to return to the building will be communicated at the meeting point.

Meeting points:

1) Place des réflexions (corner of Peel and Notre-Dame):

  • Pavilion A (1100 rue Notre-Dame Ouest)
  • Pavilion B (1111 rue Notre-Dame Ouest)
  • Pavilion Centech Montfort (400 rue Montfort)
  • Pavilion Centech Saint-Jacques (1000 rue Saint-Jacques)

2) Interior courtyard of student residences, Phase 4 (355 rue de la Montagne):

  • Maison des étudiants or Pavilion E (1220 rue Notre-Dame Ouest)
  • Pavilion D (1219 rue William)
  • Student residences, Phase 3 (425 rue de la Montagne)

3) Parking area behind Carrefour d’innovation INGO (on rue William):

  • Carrefour d’innovation INGO (355 rue Peel)
  • Centre de technologie thermique CTT (1050 rue William)
  • AÉROÉTS (323 rue Peel)

4) Sidewalk across the street from student residences, Phase 1 (across from 311-301 rue Peel):

  • Student residences, Phase 1 (311-301 rue Peel)
  • Student residences, Phase 2 (1055-1045 rue Ottawa)

5) Sidewalk across the street from student residences, Phase 4 (across from 355 rue de la Montagne):

  • Student residences, Phase 4 (355 rue de la Montagne)