• Get down: As soon as you feel the first tremors, your first reflex should be to crouch down on the floor to avoid falling. 
  • Seek shelter: As soon as you have crouched down, locate and move to a place where you can shelter yourself, such as underneath your desk or work table. 
  • Hang on: As soon as you are under your shelter, hang on tightly to the desk or table and remain there until the earthquake is over.
  • Once the tremors have ended, remain under your shelter. 
  • Security will make an announcement by voice message that is appropriate for your area. 

When should you evacuate?

  • When a fire has been declared near you. 
  • When Security has ordered you to evacuate. 

How should you evacuate the building?

  • Do not use elevators.
  • Follow the directions given by Security through the voice messaging system.
  • Security may indicate emergency exits for you to use. 
  • Once you have exited the building, look around carefully to avoid objects that could fall on you. 
  • Go to the meeting point in the parking lot of the old Planetarium, at the corner of Peel and Notre Dame Streets.