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During an earthquake, it is important to take shelter quickly. If you find a safe location, stay there until the earthquake is over.

When you feel an earthquake:

  • Stay indoors;
  • Get down: As soon as you feel the first tremors, your first reflex should be to crouch down on the ground to avoid falling;
  • Find shelter: Once you are crouched down, find and move toward a location where you can take shelter (e.g.: under your desk or work table);
  • Hold on: Once you are sheltered, hold on tight to the furniture and stay there until the earthquake is over;
  • Remain sheltered when the tremors have subsided;
  • Security will broadcast an appropriate voice message for your area.

When to evacuate

  • If a fire breaks out in your vicinity;
  • If Security orders an evacuation of your area.

How to evacuate the building

  • Do not use the elevators;
  • Follow the instructions broadcast by Security using the voice message system;
  • Security may indicate which exit routes you should use;
  • Once you are outside the building, monitor your surroundings to avoid falling objects that could harm you;
  • Go to the meeting point (Place des réflexions – corner of Peel and Notre-Dame).