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Bomb threat

Threat delivered by phone

  • Do not try to end the call, allow the caller to hang up first;
  • Attempt to obtain as much information as possible;
  • Have the caller repeat the message on the pretext of having difficulty hearing properly, with a view to gaining more time;
  • Pay particular attention to the following elements:
    • Gender;
    • Age;
    • Accent;
    • Language;
    • Tone of voice (high or low);
    • Pace of speech and emotions (angry, calm, agitated);
    • Background noise.
  • Try to obtain the following information:
    • The time when the bomb is expected to explode;
    • The type of bomb;
    • Targets (group, individual);
    • Motive;
    • The location of the bomb;
    • The name and number that appears on the phone screen;
  • Contact Security at extension 55 or by calling 514 396-8800, extension 55 to report the situation and convey all relevant information. 

Threat delivered by another method

(e.g.: paper found on site, information received by e‑mail or posted on social media)

  • Contact Security immediately;
  • Save the proof and send it to Security as quickly as possible;
  • Follow instructions given by Security.


Returning to the building

  • Authorization to return to the building will be communicated at the meeting point.