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Armed person

If a Code Silver is announced, you have two options, namely lockdown or Run, Hide, Fight, depending on your location. It is important to be familiar with your surroundings in order to choose the most appropriate confinement method, taking into account your environment.

The following are some specific actions you can take, depending on which confinement option you choose.


(example locations: closed office, classroom)

  • Stay silent;
  • Turn off the lights, lock the door and close any curtains. If the door cannot be locked, block the opening mechanism;
  • Place heavy objects in front of the door;
  • Silence telephone ringers and notifications;
  • Get on the ground in a corner of the room or behind a desk;
  • If you are in a room with outdoor-facing windows (on the street) affix a piece of paper to the window indicating the room number, the number of people present and the number of injured people, if applicable. If nobody is injured, indicate 0. This will allow Emergency Services to prioritize locations where there are injured persons;
  • If you hear the fire alarm, ignore it, but remain vigilant for signs of smoke or fire;
  • Wait for instructions from the police, and do not open the door for anyone. The police will open the door when the location is secured;
  • Keep your hands empty and in plain sight in the air. Do not make any sudden movements, and listen to the instructions given by the police.

Run, Hide, Fight

(example locations: open area, cafeteria, library, corridor, outdoors, gymnasium, washroom)
No matter where you are, you should use one of the active confinement methods (Run, Hide, Fight). The objective of all of the proposed methods is to get to safety quickly. You can change methods at any time during the event if the method you chose is no longer ensuring your safety. You can even go back to a previously used method.

The actions described below should be taken without placing your life in danger:

  • Run away: find an exit route, a corridor that leads you to the exterior of the building (when you exit, keep your hands empty and in the air and do not make any sudden movements so that you are not mistaken for an assailant). Remain calm and move toward the police officers;
  • Hide: find a spot where you will not be seen or found. Shelter in place;
  • Disengage: obey, comply, demonstrate to the assailant that you are not a threat, lower your eyes, raise your hands to show that you accept their authority;
  • Lock down: lock yourself in a room by completely blocking access to isolate and protect yourself;
  • Fight: disarm, immobilize or disable;
  • If you are not able to run away or hide, lay down on the ground;
  • If you are in a washroom, one option is to lock the door to the room and then go into one of the stalls and wait there for the police.


  • Do not activate a manual fire alarm;
  • Adapt your method of protection based on the evolution of the situation;
  • Do not put your life in danger.