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Would you like to collaborate with ÉTS or contribute to its mission?

We are recognized for our industry-focused engineering, and this is reflected at every level: in educating tomorrow’s engineers, in our research projects, in our entrepreneurship programs and in our complementary activities. Would you like to collaborate with us or contribute to our mission? Here are some ways you can do that!

Research and Innovation Projects

Do you want to develop a technology, product or service, under a short-term, medium-term or long-term project? We can help you by putting researchers, students, professionals and equipment at your disposal! Granting agencies such as MITACS, NSERC, MEDTEQ, etc. could even finance a part of your project.

To learn more, visit ÉTS-industry collaboration.

Design High-Impact Technological Innovations thanks to Centech’s

Are you working in a large company that aspires to become a leader in a given market? Create an environment conducive to innovation for your business by working with talented entrepreneurs and young innovative companies.

Learn more about Centech’s ÉTS program  |  about ENCQOR 5G digital innovation hub

Co-op Students to Build your Next Generation of Engineers

Most ÉTS interns already hold a professional DEC (CEGEP diploma) or equivalent. Since they already have many technical skills, our interns become functional very quickly. Don’t hesitate to hire them for a period of 4 to 8 months, depending on the type of internship. In addition to improving your productivity, they will help you prepare your next generation! You might even be eligible for a tax credit.

Visit Hire a Co-op Student to learn more.

Funding to Support Students and Researchers

Would you like to contribute to a research project, finance an entrepreneurship project or sponsor a club or student group? Or would you like to offer scholarships?

Visit the ÉTS Development Fund website (in French)

ÉTS close ties with industry
100 industrial partners
One technological venture accelerator
1,200 businesses hire ÉTS co-op students annually