Taking Co-op Students from ÉTS is part of the Corporate Culture at SDK and Associates

"Taking on engineering co-op students is part of our culture for over ten years,” explains Éric Trépanier, workshop foreman at SDK and Associates. “So much so that if we miss a semester, we feel it! By welcoming these young people into our workplace, we become an extension of the University for a few months. We “give back” in some way to the society we operate in."

As SDK requires that its co-op students already have a DEC in architecture technology, they generally arrive from ÉTS possessing skills in drawing and designing plans. From the moment they arrive, they’re integrated into the team, they take part in the meetings, and they have their own workstation. “Mentoring them takes time, of course, but it makes us all winners: the students get practical experience, acquire new knowledge and skills, and it allows us to get to know and to identify good candidates who may one day join our ranks. It’s a rewarding experience for everyone”, adds Éric Trépanier.

"It’s a good way to rub shoulders with the new generation that’s been ‘born into’ the high technology era. Young people have their own way to operate and to see things. It allows us to remain ‘plugged in’ to the next generation!", he concludes.

About SDK and Associates  

SDK is a Montreal firm offering engineering services in structures and foundations. It has more than 15,000 projects to its credit, carried out for a diverse institutional, commercial, industrial and residential clientele.