ÉTS residences

Ideally located in the heart of downtown Montréal, the ÉTS residences can accommodate close to 1,100 students.

They feature a dynamic living environment and provide quick access to the buildings on campus and to the many services that are available to the student community.

Doing your co-op work term outside of Montréal? Put your mind at ease!

Unquestionably, the most advantageous aspect of our residences is our policy respecting the cancellation of your lease if you are doing your co-op work term outside of Montréal or studying abroad for one or more sessions. The most important feature of this policy is that you are guaranteed a place in residence when you return.


  • No housing search;
  • No roomate search;
  • No furniture to move;
  • No worries with respect to heating and electricity costs;
  • Internet connection is included.
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Easy access to:

  • Bonaventure and Lucien-L'Allier metro stations;
  • Supermarket;
  • ÉTS Sports Centre;
  • Resto-pub student lounge;
  • Network of cycling paths;
  • Downtown Montréal and Old Montréal.


Apartments Reservation Housing

Submitting the Housing Reservation form does not create an obligation on your part. Your commitment only becomes official once you pay the required deposit after receiving confirmation that a room or unit has been assigned to you.

When to apply

We accept applications throughout the year. Due to the growing demand for rooms in our houses, we strongly recommend that you apply as soon as possible even if you are not yet admitted to ETS. If you decide not to study at ETS, send us an email to let us know about your decision and we will cancel your request.

Who can rent?

All students who are registered at ETS are eligible to rent a room at our residences. However, priority is given to students who are registered for full-time study. If there are no rooms available when you apply, your name can be placed on a waiting list.


When you apply for residence, you can indicate the type of unit you prefer and the roommate(s) you wish to live with. However, we respond to your requests depending on availability in the residences.

Room assignments

Tenants are not permitted to change room assignments among themselves. If you wish to change rooms, you must submit a request to the ETS Housing Office (Service des entreprises auxiliaires).

Room change requests are granted under certain terms and conditions and at the sole discretion of the Housing Office. A request for a change of room does not mean that it will be granted.

Payment of deposit

You must pay the deposit due after making the reservation and received confirmation.


The cost of unit or room varies depending on its size and location.

Type of residence Monthly cost of room or unit per person
Studio apartment $695
(for students already in residence)
One-room apartment $895 to $980
Two-room apartment $600
Four-room apartment $465 to $505

Effective from September 1st, 2021 (revised annually on the same date).

Parking lot:

  • Automobile (indoor): $150/month
  • Motorcycle (indoor): $60/month
  • Bicyle (indoor): No charge

Warehousing (storage):

  • Large space : $75/semester
  • Small space : $70/semester
Type of residence Monthly cost of room or unit per person
Studio $770 (for students already in residence and on the waiting list), $925 to $1085
One-room apartment $1090
Two-room apartment $620 to $660

Effective from September 1st, 2021 (revised annually on the same date).

Parking lot:

  • Automobile (indoor): $150/month
  • Motorcycle (indoor): $60/month
  • Bicyle (indoor): No charge

Warehousing (storage): $75

Type of residence Monthly cost of room or unit per person
Studio apartment $935 to $1045
Apartment with one bedroom $1205
Apartment with bedroom on mezzanine $1205
Apartment with two bedrooms $600 to $620

Effective from September 1st,  2021 (revised annually on the same date).

Parking lot:

  • Automobile (indoor): $150/month
  • Motorcycle (indoor): $60/month
  • Bicyle (indoor): No charge

Warehousing (storage): $75

Furnishing and services

Furnishings provided


  • Single bed (39" / 1m) or double bed (54" / 1.4 m) in one-room apartments including base, mattress, and mattress cover;
  • Wardrobe;
  • Work desk and chair;
  • Network jack/LAN (Internet included);
  • Phone jack (usage fees applied to the student).


  • Refrigerator;
  • Stove;
  • Kitchen table and chairs.

Living room

  • Love seat;
  • Sofa or armchair;
  • Coffee table;
  • HD access to basic channels via antennas

What you should bring

  • Bedding;
  • Cookware;
  • Tableware;
  • Microwave oven;
  • Television;
  • Small shelving unit;
  • Small appliances (coffeemaker, toaster);
  • Toiletries.


  • Sofa;
  • Armchair;
  • Bed;
  • Appliances (refrigerator, stove, washer, dryer).

Available services

  • Internet connection included;
  • Cable television service;
  • Laundry room*
  • Parking**;
  • Storage**;
  • Loan of vacuum and other equipment;
  • Community room (pool table, home theatre, baby-foot);
  • Landscaped courtyard (basketball and volleyball, barbecues);
  • Air conditioning rental (under certain conditions)**

*Charges applied, subject to change
**Charges applied, subject to change, depending on availability


Leases are available for periods of 4 months, 8 months, or 12 months. A notice of renewal of the lease is sent to each tenant two months before the lease ends. If you receive confirmation of internship outside of Montréal, you can cancel your lease with no penalty, and you can be guaranteed a place in residence when you return by signing a new lease for that time.

Lease Renewal

A student’s lease is automatically terminated when the student completes his or her studies, or when the student is no longer enrolled at ETS.

In any other case, if you wish to terminate your lease early, you must submit a written request for approval by the Housing Office. Please note: even if the request is approved, a minimum penalty equivalent to one month's rent will be applied.

See the document entitled Housing Regulations [In French] [PDF]

Additional information

Will you be living in residences soon? Will you leave them soon? Read the following information.

  • Sign your lease and pay your rent.
  • Go to the Housing Office in order to sign two copies of the lease and to make all necessary administrative arrangements related to your stay at the residence. If you wish, you can submit a series of post-dated checks or sign the pre-authorized debit form at this time. You can also pay by direct payment (Interac), by Internet, or by check.
  • Fill out the "In case of emergency  [PDF] [In French] form
  • Return it to the Housing Office within seven days of your arrival.
  • Keep your copy of the lease and the related general information (Part 2) for your records.
  • Read the Resident’s Guide carefully règlement des résidences universitaires [PDF]
  • This guide, which will be given to you upon signing your lease, will answer many of your questions. Pay particular attention to Appendices A, B, and D.

Prepare for your departure by carrying out the following tasks:

Submit your notice of departure:

  • Inform the Housing Office of the date when you are leaving (45 days notice).
  • Go to the Housing Office in order to verify and pay the balance of your account. You will then be given an envelope to be used for returning your access card(s) and key(s).

Empty your room:

  • Empty your room completely, and clean it.
  • Close the windows and lock the door of your room when leaving the premises.

Clean out the common areas in the apartment:

  • Remove all of your personal belongings from your room.
  • Empty and clean storage spaces in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Place your trash and recyclables in the appropriate locations.

Immediately prior to leaving the residence for the last time:

  • Place your access card(s), key(s,) and parking pass in the envelope provided for that purpose.
  • Return the envelope to the Housing Office. If the Housing Office is closed when you are leaving, return the envelope to the ETS Security Office, which is located at the entrance to Building-A.
  • Return any borrowed equipment (vacuum, broom, mop, iron, ironing board, etc.) to the Housing Office.

Additional charges (damages, etc.)

  • A site visit is conducted when each tenant departs, or shortly thereafter. If it is discovered that the premises have not been left in satisfactory condition and/or if the apartment has been damaged extensively and/or if furniture is missing, the departing tenant will be held responsible, and a lump sum will be charged to his or her account. Charges will also be applied if the tenant fails to return access card(s), parking pass, room key(s), and mailbox key(s), along with any equipment that is borrowed and not returned upon departure.

The ÉTS residences contain more than 1100 units, as follows:

  • 244 two-room apartements;
  • 5 three-bedroom apartements;
  • 63 four-bedroom apartements;
  • 111 one-bedroom apartements (3 ½);
  • 266 studios apartments.

Location of the ÉTS housing residences:

  • 301-311 Peel Street;
  • 1045-1055 Ottawa Street;
  • 355 and 425 de la Montagne Street.


More than just residences… a great neighbourhood!
Just steps away from the St. Lawrence River, biking trails and the Lachine Canal
A community that includes more than
1,000 students
Close to downtown Montréal, the Quartier des spectacles and public transit