Immigration: Avoid Hassles by Having all the Official Documents on Hand

Have you decided to come study in Montreal? Your engineering studies at ÉTS will soon be completed, and you want to stay permanently in Québec? In any case, you will have to comply with the immigration regulations. Here are some tips to help you avoid lots of hassles.

During your studies

Official Documents Required for Foreign Students

Passport, Quebec Acceptance Certificate, study permit, temporary resident visa... Find out what documents you’ll need to study at ÉTS. As these documents must be valid throughout the course of your studies, you may need to renew some of them during the year. Don’t forget to renew them, or you may not be able to finish your studies!

Your Official Documents Must Be Valid Throughout Your Entire Program of Study

Each session, the registrar’s office must check to be sure whether your official documents, which are in your student file, are valid for the entire duration of your program of study.

If your official documents expire before the end of your program of study, you must renew them and show the registrar’s office proof of their renewal before they expire. Don’t forget, or you may not be able to keep studying at ÉTS!

Documents You Need for a Program of Study of Less Than 6 Months

If you are registered for a mobility program of less than six months, you hold the status of visitor. You do not need a Quebec Acceptance Certificate or a study permit. This is the case for exchange students who are staying for one session only.

Residents of some countries must hold a temporary resident visa (external site) to enter Canada. Be sure to look into this yourself, as this document will not be checked by the registrar’s office.

Documents You Need for a Program of Study of More Than 6 Months

You must present these documents to the registrar’s office when you first register for courses and for each session that you study at ÉTS:

  • passport;
  • Québec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ)*;
  • study Permit.

* Some students may be exempt from a Quebec Acceptance Certificate. To find out if this is the case for you, visit the Immigration Quebec website.

Residents of some countries must hold a temporary resident visa (external site) to enter Canada. Be sure to look into this yourself, as this document will not be checked by the registrar’s office.

Information sessions

ÉTS offers information sessions about renewing official documents. Check out Interface newsletter (in French) to attend the next one!

After your studies

How Can You Stay in Canada After Your Studies?

You enjoyed your studies in Quebec. Now, you’d like to work or live permanently in Canada after graduation. Here are some statuses and permits that give you the opportunity to stay in Canada.

Permanent Residence After Studying in Canada

Each year, Student Services invites an immigration officer to the ÉTS campus to present the programs that lead to permanent residency. Check Interface (in French) to reserve your space for this information session!

Find out more from immigration services:

Post-Graduation Work Permit

A post-graduation work permit authorizes certain graduates from accredited institutions to work in Canada after their studies. To be eligible, you must have successfully participated in a program of study of a minimum duration of eight months.

Among the eligibility criteria for a post-graduation work permit are the following:

  • Having successfully completed your program of study
  • Having received an attestation from the registrar’s office
  • Holding a valid study permit at the time you apply
  • Applying within 90 days of receiving your attestation

Find all eligibility criteria and the procedure to follow for post-graduation work permit application on the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada: Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) Web site.


Source: Mtl International


I Choose Montreal

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Foreign students at ÉTS
Greater Montréal welcomes more than 30,000 foreign students at the post-secondary level, nearly 80%
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At ÉTS, 25% of graduate students are women
More than 60% of ÉTS graduate students come from outside Canada