Nadjia Kara

Nadjia Kara
Department of Software and IT Engineering
Since 2009, Nadjia Kara is professor at the department of software engineering and IT, ÉTS. Her Research interests include service and network engineering, resource management in next generation networks, ambient intelligence, multimedia application and services. The application areas are: network virtualization; cloud, grid and autonomic computing; open and programmable systems; Internet of Things.

Nadjia Kara has several years of experience in research and development. She worked in industry from 1998 to 2008. Since 2005, she held adjunct professor positions at INRS-EMT, University of Sherbrooke and University of Concordia.


My research activities focus on service and network architectures for the next generation networks.

Key Words: Service architectures, Next generation networks, Distributed systems, Internet of things

For more information about my research interests, please visit my Research page.


My teaching activities are related to communication networks and service architectures.

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Contact info

Office: A-4495
Phone: 514 396-8816
Fax: 514 396-8405