Christine Tremblay
B.Sc.A. (Laval), M.Sc. (INRS), Ph.D. (École polytechnique)
Department of Electrical Engineering
Christine Tremblay

Do you want to design the optical networks of the future?

The Network Technology Laboratory is currently recruiting: Master and PhD projects AVAILABLE!

The Network Technology Lab (SYTACom & COPL membership) includes an optical layer networking infrastructure composed of 19 network nodes equipped with fully-equipped metropolitan and long haul WDM 2.5G-100G optically amplified systems, a 100G DP-QPSK/BPSK coherent system, as well as recirculating loop and silicon photonics test beds

Opportunities for M. Eng., Master and PhD projects  - Fall 2016

Performance monitoring of coherent optical networks
The research project aims at developing predictive methods for performance degradation and failure for high-capacity coherent networks based on monitoring data collected in a carrier network over several seasons and on multiple fiber plant deployments. The results of this research will enable to develop preventive strategies for making coherent networks more reliable and easier to manage for network operators, as well as more precise engineering and planning rules for future fiber network deployments.

Collaboration: Ciena, Verizon (United States), KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Required skills and interests:
Matlab, big data, statistics, knowledge and hands-on experience of optical transmission systems and networks; courses Technologies et réseaux WDM (MGR860) and Communications optiques (ELE772) or equivalent.
Design of cognitive optical networks
The project is aimed at proposing novel approaches for coherent optical network design and control based on cognitive concepts, and at demonstrating, both theoretically and experimentally, the applicability of these concepts in real-world applications and the impact on cost, performance and energy consumption. Cognititive flexible optical network architectures will be designed and experiments will be realized for validating these novel networking concepts and evaluating the dynamic performance and benefits of using cognition, in terms of resource utilization, impairment awareness and signal quality evaluation.

Required skills and interests: Matlab, Python, algorithms (routing, wavelength/spectrum assignment), link engineering and network simulation tools (network planning, VPItransmissionMakerTM); knowledge of optical networks; courses Technologies et réseaux WDM (MGR860) and Communications optiques (ELE772) or equivalent.
Network Virtualization: Web Interface for simulating Photonic Layer Equipment
For training and testing purposes, Ciena uses a software simulation tool named PINs that encapsulates and run on virtual machines the embedded software for the 6500 system platform. PINs simulates the equipment but also photonic links. PINs is written in C and Tcl. To create a simulation, the user must connect to the virtual machine, provide some text files of various formats and use the linux shell of the virtual machine. The objective of the project is to make PINs easier to use by creating a graphical interface, presumably a software installed on the virtual machine to serve a web page. Users could therefore point their web browser to the virtual machine to run their simulations instead of using the shell.

Industrial partner:
Ciena. Up to 12-month internship in industry (MITACS)

Required skills and interests:
Knowledge of Linux environment and shell, development of web applications, interfaces and server programs (“fullstack”); knowledge and hands-on experience of optical transmission platforms; courses Technologies et réseaux WDM (MGR860) or Communications optiques (ELE772) or equivalent.


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