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Sophie Boulanger

New and easy way to optimize your hiring of Fall 2020 co-op students!


Co-op placement offers : posted continuously from May 19
Interviews: continuously from May 25
Rankings : continuously from May 25 

Learn everything you need to know here (in French only)!

Flexible conditions for work terms! Contact me!

Do you need short-term technical workers?

Hire a Level S1 (technician) Co-op student.

Do you need a future engineer for a 4-to-8-month project?

Hire an Level S2, S3 or S4 Co-op student.

Our Co-op students are qualified to work in the following areas:

Construction Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Automated Manufacturing Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Software Engineering
Information Technology Engineering
Operations and Logistics Engineering

Master's level

Contact us

Sophie Boulanger
Regional Coordinator

Phone: 514 396-8642
Fax: 514 396-8579


Judith Allard
Human Resource Technician
514 396-8757

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