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February 21st 2019

TLacime Congress posterhe first Lacime annual congress has been a success!  All Lacime members have been invited  to meet and learn about the research projects being carried out in our laboratory, the most important laboratory at ÉTS.
There was a panel of experts to discuss industrial research, job prospects, skills sought, etc.
The members were also invited to participate in the poster competition. This was an opportunity to show us what they are working on.

25 April 2018
The LACIME invite you to his second Midi_Conf
Date : April 25th 2018
Time : 12h15 à 13h30
Location : A1160

Speaker: Georges Kaddoum and his team
Title: 5G New Radio (NR) From Vision to Reality
Coffee, tea and pastries will be offered. You can bring your lunch !
To confirm your presence please participate to this Doodle:

10 April 2018

The LACIME launch the Midi_conf for the members. The objective of this initiative is to create a dynamic within the laboratory, to promote the know-how of its members and to make its various projects known both internally and externally. At each event, a professor and his team will present their research projects to the entire LaCIME community. When the opportunity arises, we may also invite external speakers (industry, alumni) to present what is happening in the industry or in other research laboratories. First event

Date: April 10th 2018 from 12:15 to 13:30
Location: A1160 Speaker:
François Gagnon and his team
Title: On Wireless IP Technology for Developing Countries Pizzas, coffee, tea and pastries will be offered. We look forward to seeing you at this event.

July 2016

  supports the LACIME !
We are proud to announce the support of Altair in electromagnetic simulation at LACIME. We will have access to FEKO, a comprehensive computational electromagnetics (CEM) software and WinProp, software Suite for wave propagation and radio network planning with following modules :
ProMan: Wave propagation and radio network planning
CoMan: Connectivity simulator for sensor and MESH networks
WallMan: Graphical editor for vector building databases
TuMan: Graphical editor for tunnels and stadiums
AMan: Graphical editor for antenna patterns
CompoMan: Editor for components used in wireless indoor network installations

With the above software packages now, the LACIME will be able to simulate millimeter and microwave devices and antennas quickly and accurately.
Thanks to Altair for this great collaboration.

April 2016

A new research chair for professor Francois Gagnon

On the Left: Jean Belzile, Director of Academic Affairs and Industry Relations, Louis Lagacé, a shareholder of Media 5, Hugues Marceau, son of Richard J. Marceau and François Gagnon, professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and holder of the Chair Richard J. Marceau

On March 24, the ÉTS inaugurated the new Richard J. Marceau research Chair in Wireless digital strategies for developing countries, in addition to the 24 existing Chairs at the School. The entourage, partners and collaborators of the holder, François Gagnon, gathered for the launch of this Chair which aims to help people in developing countries and those in remote areas, to access the Internet using the existing infrastructure. A beautiful challenge knowing that 58% of the world population still has no access to the Internet!. 

May 2015

Two LACIME students get second place in poster competition at CCECE 2015

A poster competition was held at the 28th IEEE Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering (CCECE), which was held from May 3 to 6, 2015 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The second place has been won by Riadh Essaadsali and Chokri Jebali, post doctoral students under the direction of Professor Ammar Kouki and members of LACIME. Mr. Jebali received the price for the group.

August 2013

Cananda Economic Development is funding the LACIME infrastructures

The Minister of Infrastructure, Communities and Intergovernmental Affairs and Minister of the Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec Denis Lebel, was at ÉTS July 30 to announce that Canada Economic Development through its economic Development Program of Quebec, offered financial support of nearly $ 5 million to the School. $ 2.8 million of this amount was allocated to LACIME to complete the LTCC and microsystems (MEMS) production line . Furthermore the following apparatus were obtained : a 67Ghz network analyzer, a 50 GHz signal analyzer, a SEM microscope with EDS analysis, a confocal microscope, an infrared camera , a stress measuring system , a prototyping machine by additive layer manufacturing (3D printer) and a soldering/repair station for BGA, SMT, flip chip circuits. The full description of the equipment is in the Research Infrastructure section.

March 2013

A LACIME student awarded for his masters project

During the Discovery Day on 13 March was held a presentation of research projects of graduate and doctoral students organized by the graduate committee.

The jury, composed of professors Mickaël Gardoni (Automated Production Engineering), François Garnier (Mechanical Engineering), David Labbé (software engineering and IT), Daniel Monfet (construction engineering), Christelle Hobeika, lecturer in electrical Engineering, Clement Rousseau, Head of PhD students and Emmanuelle Tanguy, research Consultant, innovation and technology transfer, have evaluated twenty five projects.

This is Seyyed Hassan Mousavi, a doctoral student under the direction of Professor Ammar Kouki and member of LACIME, who won the 1st prize ($ 1,000) with the presentation of its project entitled Multi standard RF front end for avionic system.

November 2012

It is with great pleasure that we announce that the LACIME just got an important donation from Agilent Technologies company. This is a test instrument (the N5106A: PXB Baseband Generator and Channel Emulator) that has a value of $ 145,000 (before taxes). It is an important instrument for the LACIME' work.
This granting is the result of a collaboration with Agilent on which Professor Ammar Kouki works for nearly five years and has become increasingly beneficial to ETS over the years. Our aim has been, throughout this period, to build a partnership with the company rather than just client-supplier relationship. Today we are pleased that this partnership is realized and further developed .

We thank Agilent, particularly the Montreal team (Denis Jacques and Genevieve Landry), for this gift and continuous supports to the LACIME.

June 2012

From 18th. to 21nd of June 2012, the LACIME labratory will exhbit in the International Microwave Symposium (IMS2012). Visit our booth no. U8 and learn more about our research activities,LTCC fabrication and prototyping services.

January 2012

On January 26th , LACIME was visited by Robert Dunlop, Assistant Deputy Minister Industry Canada. He was accompanied by Mr François Delorme, Executive Director Industry Canada for Quebec. They have witnessed the progress of projects that are underway. A tour of cleanrooms allowed them to see the result of this investment from the Economic Development Agency of Canada.

September 2011

Announcement: The LTCC@ETS laboratory , unique in Canada!

The ÉTS inaugurated on September 15th its new LTCC laboratory  (Low Temperature Cofired Ceramic), the first of its kind in Canada. With its industrial grade installation, the researchers of the LACIME (Communication and microelectronics integration laboratory) can now meet the needs of prototyping, production, inspection and test of complex electronic circuits in multi-layered ceramic through a leading-edge technology perfectly adapted to their needs.

Yves Beauchamp, CEO of ETS, Ammar Kouki, professor at the electrical engineering department, and Jean Belzile, Director of Research and Industry Relations

Announcement: CREER Days

Dates: 14 and 15 September 2011

Montréal. Salle Nortel, Ecole de Technologie Superieure (ETS), Pavillon Principal, 1100 Rue Notre-Dame Quest, Montreal Google Map

Program :

The Centre de Recherche En Électronique Radiofréquence (CREER) organizes a new two days event called CREER Days. This event provides the opportunity for all members of the CREER to meet each other, to meet Quebec and Canadian companies and government organisations, and to participate to Workshops on RF and Microwave technologies.

Members of the electrical engineering community (academic and industrial sectors) are all cordially invited to this event.

Please confirm your attendance in CREER Days at creer-inscriptionsaac@polymtl.ca, and indicate if you will be attending the lunch on September 14 and September 15. Admission to the CREER Days is free for CREER members and IEEE members.

We are looking forward to seeing you at CREER Days!

January 2011

TECHNOLOGY - LTCC Circuits & Process

LTCC Circuit - LTCC technology developed in ÉTS' white room is being employed in more and more projects in the manufacture of high performance RF (radiofrequency) circuits under the Ultra Electronics Chair. A few examples:

1. Production of an LTCC directional coupler. This coupler will be used for low noise balanced amplifier structures.
2. Manufacture of a 2:1 RF switch with Dupont corporation's new 9k7 substrate.
3. Manufacture of a continuous varicaps diode phase shifter for an electronic scanning antenna. Non-uniform inline differential phase shifter for high performance broadband Butler matrices.

LTCC Processes - We have received a new square head perforator, which will allow us to create cavities in LTCC substrates for the implantation of electronic chips or other discrete components. Furthermore, we are in the process of developing various interconnection methods allowing the use of LTCC devices on standard printed circuits.