This table presents a list of software available at LACIME. To borrow any software, please contact the technical assistant.
Software name Use
  WinProp Software Suite for wave propagation and radio network planning 
  FEKO A comprehensive computational electromagnetics (CEM) software 
Altera Quartus II Software development tool for FPGA Altera 
Altera Max+Plus II Software development tool for FPGA Altera
Altera NIOS Embedded Processor Software development tool for FPGA Altera
Xilinx ISE Software development tool for FPGA Xilinx
Xilinx EDK Software development tool for FPGA Xilinx
Xilinx ChipScope Integrated software tool for real-time verification
Mathworks Matlab – Simulink A model-based design and simulation platform
XILINX System generator for DSP A signal processing system modeling tool
Opnet Network simulation
Mentor Graphics HDL Designer Pro FPGA design software
Mentor Graphics ModelSim Simulation and debugging software
FPGA Advantage Multi-vendor compatible FPGA development software
Synplicity Synplify Pro Code synthesis software
Agilent Advance Design System Circuit design and simulation software
Altium Designer Electronic product development system
Cadence Design Tool PCB design
Synopsys Design Tool FPGA design software
Signal processing workSystem Integrated signal processing algorithm solution for implementation on SoC or FPGA platforms
SoftMEMS MEMS PRO Micro-electro-mechanical system(MEMS) design and analysis tool
Ansys Finite element-based mechanical and electronic simulation
Atlass Transmission line modeling
Green Hills Software INTEGRITY Real-time operating system
CORBA Orb Express Distributed application development
SCA Core Framework Open-architecture application framework for software radio development
MS Visual Studio .NET Application development
Rational Rose Suite Enterprise Ed. Software for accelerating database design using a sophisticated visual modeling environment
Microsoft Office Professionnel Office software suite
Microsoft Visio Professionnel Diagrams and flow charts
Microsoft Project Project management
Adobe Studio MX Web development and graphic design
Electromagneticworks HFWorks* Field simulator for RF, microwave and wireless applications
Solidworks Office* 3D mechanical drawing software 
Solidworks COSMOS* EMS Finite element-based low-frequency circuit analysis software 
Sonnet Suite* Electromagnetic simulation software for RF planar circuits 
Sonnet CST Microwave Studio* 3D microwave simulation software 
Agilent Electromagnetic Design System* Electromagnetic simulation software