Test equipment

This table presents a list of equipment currently available at LACIME. They can be borrowed by LACIME members. You just have to fill the document in the Members' section.

Fabricant Nom Modèle  
Agilent PNA-X Network Analyser 67Ghz N5247A Agilent PXA Signal Analyser, 50Ghz N9030A Agilent Technologies AVG Power Sensor 11713A Agilent Technologies Logic Analyzer 1690AD Agilent Technologies 80 MHz Function Generator 33250A Agilent Technologies Digital Multimeter 34401A Agilent Technologies Digital Multimeter, 8 1/2 Digit 3458A Agilent Technologies 20 Channel Multiplexer 34901A Agilent Technologies Data Acquisition Switch Unit 34970A Agilent Technologies Omniber 718 37718A Agilent Technologies Capacitance Meter 4288A Agilent Technologies Universal Counter 53132A Agilent Technologies CW Microwave Frequency Counter, 46 GHz 53152A Agilent Technologies System Power Supply 6032A Agilent Technologies Power Supply 6554A Agilent Technologies Rubidium Frequency Standard 8040C Agilent Technologies Microwave System Amplifier (Non fonctionnel) 83006A Agilent Technologies Economy Mechanical Calibration Kit 85052D Agilent Technologies S Parameters Network Analyzer 8722ES Agilent Technologies S Parameters Network Analyzer 8753ES Agilent Technologies Wide-Bandwidth Oscilloscope 86100A Agilent Technologies 1000-1600nm 622/2488 Mb/s Filters 86105A Agilent Technologies DC Power Supply E3632A Agilent Technologies Dual Output Power Supply E3648A Agilent Technologies EPM Power Meter E4417A Agilent Technologies EPM Power Meter E4419B Agilent Technologies ESG Digital RF Signal Generator E4431B Agilent Technologies Digital RF Signal Generator E4433B Agilent Technologies ESG Digital RF Signal Generator E4437B Agilent Technologies ESG Vector Signal Generator (en réparation) E4438C Agilent Technologies PSA Series Spectrum Analyzer E4440A Agilent Technologies Precision LCR Meter E4980A Agilent Technologies Signal Source Analyzer E5052A Agilent Technologies PSG Signal Generator E8244a Agilent Technologies VXI Mainframe N5553A Agilent Technologies Peak and Average Power Sensor E9327A Agilent Technologies Triple output DC power supply E3631A Agilent Technologies 2+16CH 300MHz Oscilloscope MSO6032A Agilent Technologies 50 MHz Current Probe N2774A Agilent Technologies Multi-services test solution N2X Agilent Technologies Serial BERT N4901B Agilent Technologies Baseband Studio PCI Card N5101A Agilent Technologies Baseband Studio Digital Signal Interface Module N5102A Agilent Technologies Ethernet Test Card N5553A Agilent Technologies Noise Figure Analyzer N8975A Anritsu RF/Microwave Signal Generator MG3691B Anritsu Spectrum Master MS2721A Anritsu Optical Spectrum Analyzer (Non disponible) MS9710A Anritsu Synthesized Gignal Generator ( Non disponible) 69347B Anritsu Universal Test Fixtures 3680K Atmel 2GSPS ADC Evaluation Board AT84AS004TP-EB Cascade Microtech Probe Station Summit 9101 Fireberg Communications Analyzer 6000A Fluke Handheld Digital Multimeter 85 Focus Microwaves Programmable Tuner 1816 Giga-tronics Universal Power Meter 8541C Hewlett Packard Spectrum Analyzer (Non disponible) 8564EC Hewlett Packard Portable Spectrum Analyzer 8593E Hewlett Packard RF Amplifier 8347A Hewlett Packard Attenuator 11 dB 8494H Hewlett Packard Attenuator 70 dB 8495H Hewlett Packard Signal Generator 8647A Hewlett Packard 15MHz Function Generator 33120A Hewlett Packard Multipath Fading Simulator 11757B Hewlett Packard RF Channel Simulator 11759C Hewlett Packard Noise and Interence Test Set 3708A Hewlett Packard Triple output DC power supply E3631A Kulicke & Soffa Analogue Manual Ball Bonder 4522 Lambda Power Supply LQD-421 National Instruments GPIB-Ethernet Interface GPIB-ENET/100 National Instruments GPIB-USB Interface GPIB-USB-HS National Instruments High-Performance GPIB Interfaces for PCI PCI-8232 PAF Multiport Test Sets MMS0518B Propsim Multichannel Emulator C8 Rohde & Schwarz Vector Signal Generator SMU200A Rohne & Schwarz Power Meter NRVS Rohne & Schwarz Peak Power Senser TDMA Spirent Federal Systems Multichannel GPS/SBAS Simulator STR4500 Spirent Federal Systems Interference Combiner GSS4766 Spirent Federal Systems Multichannel High Dynamic GPS/SBAS M-noise Simulation GSS7700 Stanford Research Systems Synthesized Clock Generator CG635 Tektronix Arbitrary Waveform Generator AWG2041 Tektronix Tekprobe Power Supply 1103 Tektronix Low Impedance Zo TDR Passive Probes P6150 Tektronix High density Differentiel Probes P6980 Tektronix Active Probe P7260 Tektronix Differential Probe P7313 Tektronix 500 MHz Digitizing Oscilloscope (non disponible) TDS544A Tektronix Digital Storage Oscilloscope TDS6124C Tektronix Digital Storage Oscilloscope (Non disponible) TDS644A Tektronix Four channel Digital Real Time Oscilloscope TDS694C Tektronix Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope TDS784D Tektronix Logic Analyzers TLA7012 Tektronix Portable Logic Analyzer TLA704 Topward Power Supply TPS-4000 TPS Environnement Test Chamber T10RC TPS Industrial Oven DC-336-F-ST350 Varian TWT Amplifier 4471 B3