PXA Signal Analyser, 50Ghz

Appareil:  PXA Signal Analyser, 50Ghz
Modèle:  N9030A
Fabricant:  Agilent
Caractéristiques:  - Single swept analyzer: 3Hz to 50GHz with 50GHz internal pre-amplifier
- 50 to 75 GHz Waveguide harmonic mixer
- Absolute amplitude accuracy: ±0.19 dB
- Third order intercept (TOI): +22 dBm
- Displayed average noise level (DANL) with preamplifier and noise floor extension: -172 dBm
- W-CDMA ACLR dynamic range (with noise correction on): -83 dB (-88 dB nominal)
- Integrated 160MHz IF analysis bandwidth
- Real-time spectrum analysis capability on 160MHz up to 50GHz
- Frequency Mask Trigger capability
- 100% probability of intercept with durations of 3.57µs
- 900 MHz Wideband IF output port
- Demodulation analysis software tool
  • Compatible with Agilent EESof SystemVue and ADS, and Matlab
  • Modulation formats: AM, FM, PM, 2 to 16FSK, BPSK, QPSK, 16 to 1024QAM, Star QAM, up to 64APSK, AM/FM/PM, custom APSK, TETRA2/TEDS
  • Main measurements: Magnitude error, phase error, frequency error, SNR, EVM, Error vector magnitude, Error vector time, Error vector spectrum, IQ time (constellation), offset, quadrature error, gain imbalance, FSK error, magnitude error, carrier offset frequency, deviation
  • Adaptive equalizer removes linear distortion errors
  • Symbol table with detected data bits
  • Can be upgraded to support Custom-OFDM (for proprietary and pre-standard signals)
  • Compatible with oscilloscopes and logic analyzers
Notes:   Acquis en 2013 grace au financement DEC