Serial BERT

Appareil:  Serial BERT
Modèle:  N4901B
Fabricant:  Agilent Technologies
Caractéristiques:  Frequency Range: 150Mb/s - 13.5 Gb/s

True differential data generation and analysis

Superior pulse performance

Jitter modulation capability: 200ps, DC to 1 GHz

Low intrinsic Jitter: < 1ps RMS TYP.

Transition Time (10%-90%)s: < 25ps

Integrated CDR: operates in data rate ranges form 1.0- 1.6 Gb/s 2.11 - 3.20 Gb/s, 4.23 - 6.40 Gb/s and 9.9 - 10.9 Gb/s

Input Sensitivity: <50mV pp

Intuitive Windows XP user interface: easy-to-use, easy-to-learn

«Measuring Suite», which offers comprehensive measurement and analysis features

Expandable software platform, which allows adding new software pieces in the future addressing upcoming trends and applications