Reverse engineering of software requirements for traceability

In various application domains (aviation, automobile, healthcare) software must undergo certification, which is an expensive endeavor, because of the rigorous development processes that must be put in place. To reduce costs, the reuse of PDS (previously developed software), including open source, is a potential avenue. However, such software typically does not have rigorously defined requirements as needed in certification.

This project's high level goal is to investigate and automate solutions for the problem of reverse-engineering requirements information from artifacts used in PDS.  

Connaissances requises

The ideal candidate has experience in MATLAB/Simulink, C++, model-driven development (MDD), understands requirements engineering, and how certification happens (e.g., DO-178), data mining. If you are interested in the project, send an email and make it clear (with respect to the specific points above) why you are a fit for this project.  

Programme d'études visé

Maîtrise avec mémoire, Doctorat

Domaines de recherche

Aérospatiale, Transports terrestres, Technologies de l'information et des communications, Santé


Funding from the NextGen project (LASSENA) - up to $5000/$7500 per semester (masters/PhD) depending on the candidate's financial needs and qualifications. 

Autres informations

Starting : 2020-09-01 
Partner involved : Various industrial partners (CRIAQ)