NextGen MIMO Software Defined Avionics Optimization and Certificability Analysis

The Ph.D. student will work on the NSERC/CRIAQ CRD project entitled “Next Generation SDR Avionics for Communication, Navigation and Surveillance” with the industrial partners as Thales Canada, ACSS, SII Canada and Bombardier.

The objective of this Ph.D. student’s project is summarize into the following steps:

  1. Identify the capabilities and limitations of DRFS in SDR avionic applications.
  2. Take into account the strict industry requirements and performances (RTCA/MOPS) in the avionic design for different flight test conditions.
  3. Define a new cost function with advanced optimization method, related to the certificability of such new SDAR architecture.
  4. Develop Core Application Programming Interface (API) with software architecture design and functionalities verification for the universal SDAR.
  5. Make sure that the SDR is compatible with actual regulations to be able to obtain the required government flight test licences, etc.
  6. Validation procedures in the Lab and final version verification and validation in anechoic chamber and during flight tests.

Connaissances requises

The candidate must demonstrate:

  • Excellent background knowledge in aerospace engineering or signal processing field
  • Excellent motivation
  • Good research record and/or good academic curriculum
  • Ability to work well
  • Excellent programming knowledge 

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Domaines de recherche



Annual scholarship offered (amount to be specified)

Autres informations

Date de début : 2019-09-01 
Partenaires impliqués : Thales Canada, ACSS, SII Canada, Bombardier, NSERC, CRIAQ

Personne à contacter

René Jr Landry |