Fast, efficient solvers for multibody systems with contact

The positions are part of an ongoing research project being done in collaboration with a Montreal-based company doing cutting-edge physics simulation and VR training. The project has a strong success rate of publishing and technology transfer.

The goal of the project is to develop state-of-the-art techniques to improve the performance of multibody dynamics simulations involving contact and stiff mechanical systems. Topics include:

  • Parallelization of algorithms for solving linear complementarity problems (LCPs);
  • Hybrid techniques combining direct and iterative solvers;
  • Machine learning and data-driven techniques applied to physics solvers.

Connaissances requises

Candidates should have experience with linear algebra and numerical methods, particularly for solving linear systems. Ability to program in C/C++ and MATLAB is a requirement, and experience programming interactive computer graphics applications is also desired.

Programme d'études visé

Maîtrise avec mémoire, Doctorat

Domaines de recherche

Technologies de l'information et des communications


Funding is available.

Autres informations

Date de début : 2019-09-01

Partenaire impliqué : CMLabs Simulations

Personne à contacter

Sheldon Andrews |