Development of blow spinning technique to obtain highly performant filtering membranes

The advancement in nanotechnology can be quite instrumental in dealing with the Covid19 crisis that we are experiencing nowadays, as new processing techniques and new materials that can help us in being more efficiently prepared for other pandemics, have been developed over the years. 
This project deals with the production of nanofibers which are the essence of masks filters.
For that a fiber spinning technique, the blow spinning technique, that yields membranes made out of fibers with diameters ranging from 5 nm to several micrometers directly out of polymeric solutions will be used. Because of the small fiber diameter that can be obtained, the blow spinning technique can yield membranes with much higher surface area than membranes obtained by melt-blowing, these higher surface area membranes possibly being good candidates for higher retention of bacteria and viruses.
The make of this project is to model this technique and scale up the production starting with a unique machine which we have in our laboratories.

Connaissances requises

Mechanical Engineer, Materials Engineer, Physicist

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Domaines de recherche

Matériaux et fabrication



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Date de début : 2020-09-04