Development of anti-viral and anti-bacterial membrane

The pandemic surge has sensitized us about the necessity to develop anti-bacterial and anti-viral membranes to be used in personal protection masks, air filtering systems in household transportation among others. Concomitantly, for the last 15 years lots of research has been conducted on graphene and its derivatives. In particular, it was shown that modified graphene may present anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.

This project aims at developing polymeric filters containing modified graphene nanoparticles with anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties using electrospinning and blowspinning techniques. In a first step, graphene will be modified using different antibacterial agents and tested for its antibacterial and antiviral abilities. In a second step, the modified graphene will be added to polymeric solutions that will be used to obtain filtering membranes by electro and blow spinning. These membranes will be tested for their breathability, filtering, antibacterial and antiviral efficiency. In a third step, a phenomenological model explaining the antiviral and antibacterial properties of modified graphene will be developed.

Connaissances requises

Materials, Chemical or Mechanical engineer or Chemist

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Domaines de recherche

Matériaux et fabrication



Autres informations

Date de début : 2020-09-04 
Partenaire impliqué : NanoXplore