Design and Optimization of a New Microphone Technology

 This research project aims at developing acoustical reference designs and mechanical mounting guidelines for a new type of acoustical flow-sensing velocity microphone designed by a local start-up company. Multiphysics models, developed using COMSOL, as well as experimental measurements with specialized acoustical equipment such as acoustic monopoles or airflow source, will be used to characterize the performance of various designs and assemblies. Several MITACS internship with the partner company will give the student a hand-on experience with consumer electronic product design and optimization. 

Connaissances requises

Training in acoustics, interest of physics and passion for applied research

Programme d'études visé

Maîtrise avec mémoire, Doctorat

Domaines de recherche

Matériaux et fabrication, Technologies de l'information et des communications, Santé


This project will be fully funded with a $20,000 annual scholarship and MITACS internships. Consulting mandates by the partner company might be offered within the limits of the student permit (when applicable).

Autres informations

 Début : 2020-09-01 
Partenaires impliqués : Confidential partner company.
ICAR laboratories.

Personne à contacter

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