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Master in Engineering with a Personalized Concentration

Credits 45 credits
Session of admission and deadlines

Fall: August 1st
Winter: December 1st
Summer: April 1st
Application deadlines for international students with study permit

Regime of studies Full-time or part-time basis
Schedule Courses offered on days, evenings and some in an intensive format
Language of instruction French and English for the M.A.Sc.
Degree Master of Applied Science (M.A.Sc.)

To carry out research in a field that’s off the beaten track!

Do you want to carry out a research project in a field of engineering that goes off the beaten track or is not covered by an ÉTS program? Or does the topic that lights your fire involve mixing several domains of engineering knowledge? Then a personalized ÉTS Master's Degree in Engineering will give you just what you want!

Overview of the M.Eng. with Personalized Concentration

The ÉTS Master’s in Engineering with Personalized Concentration has been designed for people whose project requires several areas of knowledge in engineering or those whose objective is specialized training which none of the existing programs can provide in a satisfactory manner.

Fortunately, ÉTS has seven academic departments and 170 professors, and that means we have vast expertise in engineering. In addition, our faculty have forged links with some 200 active partners who entrust us with many research projects. You will also have access to some highly specialized equipment, because ÉTS has more than 60 research units including 22 research chairs.

Among all these, you will certainly find the experts and facilities you need to carry out your project of interest. Consult the faculty directory to discover all the fields of expertise that ÉTS offers.  

What Degrees Provide Admission to the Master’s in Engineering Project Management?

To be eligible for this master's program, you need a bachelor’s degree or the equivalent in engineering, applied sciences or a related domain. To find out the admission requirements for the personalized master’s in engineering, see the Thesis profile tab

Master in Engineering with a Personalized Concentration (thesis profile)

This Masters program has just one profile: with thesis.  That makes it suitable for people who want to eventually pursue doctoral studies or work in industry in the field of R and D.

The thesis project counts for 30 of the 45 credits of this program.

Master's Degree with Thesis (research profile) M.A.Sc.


Master of Applied Science (M.A.Sc.)


To train specialists in the field of technology in the areas of technology transfer and integration. To that end, students acquire advanced knowledge in technology and the skills and aptitudes required to determine technology needs in a given company or sector. Students also learn to define, justify, plan, and complete an implementation project for an existing technology or an applied research project in the fields of application associated with the technology.

This course of study is designed mainly for students whose project requires input from various fields of knowledge in engineering and students whose specialized training objectives cannot satisfactorily be met by existing study programs.

Admission requirements

Hold a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in an appropriate field of engineering with a grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0 (out of 4.3) or equivalent;

or have acquired the required knowledge, appropriate training and experience that is deemed to be relevant.

A candidate who is deemed to be inadequately prepared may be required to take upgrading courses or a preparatory course.

The candidate can be admitted on the basis of sufficient knowledge of English. In addition to the requirements of the program, the candidate must also successfully complete an out-of-program French course, appropriate to his or her level, to obtain a diploma.

Candidates admitted on the basis of English must also provide proof that a faculty member has agreed to act as their thesis supervisor.

Program Structure

  • 1 mandatory 3-hour long workshop (0 credit)
  • 1 mandatory activity (3 credits)
  • 3 or 4 optional activities (totalling at least 12 credits)
  • 1 thesis (30 credits)

List of activities

1 mandatory 3-hour long workshop activity:

ATE800 Intégrité intellectuelle : un savoir-être et savoir-faire (0 cr.) (Intellectual Integrity: Underlying concepts and techniques – available in French and English)

1 mandatory activity (3 credits):

MTR801 Planning for an Engineering Research Project (3 cr.)

3 or 4 activities (at least 12 credits) from the corresponding program:

  • undertaken in French at ÉTS and chosen from ÉTS's list of graduate activities (normally the 800 and 900 series activities);
  • OR undertaken in English at a partner university.

If you choose to take courses at a partner university, you must obtain prior approval from your supervisor.

The student must successfully complete the following activity near the end of the program (30 credits):

MTR890 Master's Thesis (30 cr.)
Career Prospects

Career Prospects for Graduates with a Master’s in Engineering Project Management

Did you know that master's graduates in engineering earn, on average, 10 per cent more than their counterparts with a bachelor? So says the Survey on the Remuneration of Engineering Professionals in Québec (in French), conducted by Genium360. In addition, some consulting engineering firms require their engineers to have a master’s. 

Professional Recognition

Did you know that a Master’s in Engineering can give you experience credits of up to 12 months if you have a B.Eng.? To learn more, we invite you to consult the Regulation respecting other terms and conditions for the issuance of permits by the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec.