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Course schedules and planning

Teaching mode codes indicated on schedules:

  • P (presence) : The activity is delivered in person at ÉTS.
  • D (distance) : The activity is delivered remotely.
  • C (comodal) : The activity is delivered remotely, with the option of attending the activity at ÉTS in person
  • H (hybrid) : The activity is partly delivered remotely, partly in person. The presence at ÉTS is required for certain sessions only. During a session, the teaching mode is the same for everyone.

Note: regardless of the teaching method of the activity, the final exam takes place in person, unless otherwise indicated.

*In the case of remote courses (or tutorials), students must have access to a computer, a microphone, a camera and an Internet connection, ideally at 10Mb/s or higher. Each student must activate their camera and/or microphone when required, especially for identification or assessment purposes.

In addition, remote courses (or tutorials) may be recorded in order to be made available to students who are registered for the course.

Undergraduate Studies

Preparatory Courses and Technological Academic Path

Preparatory courses (in French) (PDF)
Technological Academic Path (in French) (PDF)
W-2023 | A-2023 


General Education Service (in French) (PDF)
W-2023 | S-2023 | A-2023 
Information technology engineering (in French) (PDF)
PlanningW-2023 | S-2023 | A-2023 
Construction engineering (in French) (PDF)
Planning | W-2023 | S-2023 | A-2023 
Electrical engineering (in French) (PDF)
Planning | W-2023 | S-2023 | A-2023 
Software engineering (in French) (PDF)
Planning | W-2023 | S-2023 | A-2023 
Mechanical engineering (in French) (PDF)
Planning | W-2023 | S-2023 | A-2023 
Operations and logistics engineering (in French) (PDF)
PlanningW-2023 | S-2023 | A-2023 
Automated manufacturing engineering (in French) (PDF)
Planning | W-2023 | S-2023 | A-2023 


Economy and Building Project Estimation
(in French) (PDF)
W-2023 | S-2023 | A-2023 
Construction Management (in French) (PDF)
W-2023 | S-2023 | A-2023 
Facility Management (in French) (PDF)
W-2023 | S-2023 | A-2023 
Quality Management and Assurance* (in French) (PDF)
W-2023 | S-2023 | A-2023 
Maintenance Planning and Management (in French) (PDF)
W-2023 | S-2023 | A-2023 
Industrial Production* (in French) (PDF)
W-2023 | S-2023 | A-2023 
Telecommunications (in French) (PDF)
W-2023 | S-2023 | A-2023 

*Includes courses from programs in continuous improvement, industrial management and productivity optimization.

Graduate Studies